WPHub Reviews Theme Number 600!

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brave themeforest 188x158“Brave.” To us at WPHub, those five letters are more than just a synonym for courageous, heroic, and valiant. To us, “Brave” was our 600th WordPress theme review. Think about it – 600 themes is no small feat. Each one requires our crack team of experts to talk bout a theme’s technology, design, and features, among other aspects, and then present them in a way our users can digest.

We’re pretty proud of reaching 600 WordPress themes, so let’s take a look at the one that sent us over the edge. “Brave” is a WordPress theme from ThemeForest that runs $35. Michael Jackness reviewed it on behalf of WPHub and, needless to say, he was quite impressed with what he saw.

Jackness wrote that “Brave” was “suitable for many different uses. It is, however, a business theme and would likely be a bit too much for a personal site. The theme’s features are very well thought out and easy to control, as there are theme options pages that allow you to make changes without doing any programming. Essentially, ‘Brave’ turns your WordPress installation into a fully-featured content management system.”

“Brave” is a responsive theme, which means its appearance will automatically adapt to the screen size of the device it’s being shown on, like an iPad, Android phone, or computer. If you want to change the layout or colors, “Brave” allows you to do so. Want to make unlimited portfolios or showcase multimedia? With “Brave,” the sky’s the limit. You can actually become a little “braver” with WordPress using this theme.

“Brave” is also packed with widgets that allow you to feature your Twitter feed, latest and most popular posts, a contact form, latest projects, a custom archive, and categories. Ample support is available in case you get lost and, as Jackness summarized, “The ‘Brave’ theme should appeal to anyone who needs a great theme that’s versatile enough for a very dynamic and modern business.”

“Brave” has a five-star rating by users on ThemeForest, which has had over 350 purchases of it. Not too shabby. If you end up buying our 600th theme, please rate it by selecting one to five stars at the top of our “Brave” review.

WPHub is at 610 themes reviewed at the time of writing and we’ll continue to add more. We’re hoping to add one new WordPress theme per day for the immediate future, so be sure to check back regularly to see what we’ve cooked up. Our goal is to be around 750 WordPress themes reviewed by the end of 2012.

You’ll notice on the home page of WPHub, there’s a section that displays our “Most Popular Themes.” Three of the top four are from ThemeForest, interestingly enough. The top five “Most Popular Themes” we’ve reviewed here on WPHub are “Meshable,” “PhotoPharm,” “Adam Smith,” “Artboard,” and “Help Children.”

The latter, “Help Children,” is a unique theme in that, according to our review, “is designed with nonprofit organizations in mind. This is an exceptionally simple theme. If you’re looking for a theme that can provide a homepage capable of offering all the navigation elements needed for a visitor to find their way around, this will likely not appeal to you.” The navigation menu sits smack in the middle of the page, which makes it easy for any visitor to a site with the theme on it to get around.

helpchildren templatemonster 580x580

By the way, WPHub is always looking for new themes, plugins, tutorials, hosting companies, and services to take a look at, so if you have a favorite you’d like to submit to us, please do so. At the bottom of our site, you’ll find a “Contact Us” link. Make sure to take advantage of it and please don’t be shy.