WPHub Reviews the 50 Best Blue WordPress Themes

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Blue… a color of inspiration, sincerity, moderation, and calmness. Blue is the least gender specific and the most popular “favorite color”. Often times, those who choose blue are conservative and open to communication, peaceful and truthful. Blue energy shows perspective and the ability to look ahead. The vibration of blues relaxes and soothes the soul. WPHub has put together a list of what we felt as the 50 best blue WordPress themes. To see more blue WordPress themes or any of our hundreds of great premium WordPress themes visit our themes section.

Theme: Venture

Created by StudioPress, the Venture theme features bold navigation and is packed with content space. The design features a menu bar at the top of the page, a generous amount of space for an image, and navigation options below the image with large buttons and fonts. The theme has various font options, layouts, secure coding, widget possibilities, and localization. This theme is search engine optimized. Pricing starts at $79. More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Productz

Templatic has produced this modern theme for commercial product presentation. This theme offers different navigation elements which take the reader directly to content information. The large image slider is the focal point of the theme and allows for several products to be featured. Below the image slider are smaller featured images, all attracting to the sales of the presented product. The features of this design include a blog page, contact page, places for user interaction and testimonials, ability to add videos, and a sidebar menu. Multiple color schemes are available as well. Pricing starts at $65. More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Webly

Webly, constructed by Elegant Themes, has a very professional appearance but has been built for a more personal use. The homepage has a featured image slider with rotating images. Other features include localizations, blog pages, four different color themes, page templates with the ability to add additional content, various layouts, automatic thumbnail resizing, and advertisement management. Pricing starts at $39. More Info | Buy Now

Theme: WP-FolioTheme

This theme from SoloStream was designed for photographers to showcase their professional portfolios. This design allows for plenty of images and content as well. There is a designated area for your company name and logo to be displayed and multiple theme page options. Additional features include secure coding, 9 color schemes, advertising management, search engine optimization, an author page, and 4 different layout options. This design comes with 3 different licenses. Pricing starts at $59. More Info | Buy Now

Theme: LightBright

LightBright from Elegant Themes, emphasizes color and function. The background is the main focus of the theme and is best used for general blogging. The background has four color schemes and the sidebar has color options as well. Users can integrate pictures, videos and other media. Other features for LightBright include automatic thumbnail resizing, advertising management, widget-ready sidebars, various layout options, available shortcodes, and full localization. Pricing starts at $39. More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Mag.net

Advertised by WPZoom, Mag.net is great for traditional bloggers who want a more professional blog with additional options and more blog participation. There is a large image banner, slider for bonus images, and space below for extra images – all for a more visual impact to your readers. Other features include widget-ready, sidebars, compatible with all modern browsers, dropdown menus for easy navigation, traffic monitoring, and advertising management. Pricing starts at $69. More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Meshable

Designed by ThemeForest, this theme uses JQuery and HTML5 technology for portfolio displays and comes with 4 different layout options and each include a 1, 2, or 3 column design. Background music and playlists with unlimited tracks are a great advantage to this blog theme. Automatic image resizing, typography options, and search engine optimization are all added features. Pricing starts at $40. More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Associate

This professional theme from StudioPress is all business. This theme features a header and navigation menu on top and a large featured image just underneath and lots of area for content below that. Features for the Associate theme are widgets, four different color styles, three different layouts, fixed width design, and compatibility with all browsers. Pricing starts at $79. More Info | Buy Now

Theme: TheCorporation

TheCorporation, crafted by Elegant Themes, is elegant and lustrous and content heavy. This theme allows businesses to present their products and services from a professional webpage. At the top of the page is a menu bar and at the bottom is a footer section. There is a row of thumbnail images across the middle of the page to showcase products. There are six different color schemes, easy navigation, blog option, and custom layouts. Pricing starts at $39. More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Tranzparency

This design by ThemeForest, has a smooth and tranquil border for personal bloggers who desire a professional and unique look. This theme comes with a multitude of features including six different page options, a slideshow feature, PSD files, a contact form using JQuery technology, works with all browsers, and comes with a default two column design. Pricing starts at $30. More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Cushy

Created by WooThemes, Cushy is the perfect design for product marketing with a very simple and modern homepage featuring a tabbed content area and breadcrumb navigation. Included with this design are custom widgets, dropdown menu and sidebars, 5 different color schemes, automatic thumbnail resizing, and different layout options. Pricing starts at $70. More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Lifestyle

The Lifestyle theme from StudioPress was designed for news-related companies. The theme has a soft design but is very content-heavy. The theme has space for your company logo, two menu bars at the top, a space for a large image and plenty of space for content and smaller images below. The Lifestyle theme offers several layout options, advertising space, blog possibilities, and various color schemes. Pricing starts at $79. More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Health and Beauty

Created by Organic Themes, this theme was designed for day spas, salons and other pampering and health-related businesses. This theme features a very gentle blue background, a top menu bar, a large image slider with added content, and space below for additional content. There are extra theme pages available, a video slider, a testimonial slider, is fully coded, is widget-ready, and supports all current browsers. Pricing starts at $69. More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Business Bite

Business Bite is all business! Designed by WPZoom, this theme features a top dropdown navigation menu and a homepage slider with call to action features for each image. Below are spaces for featured content. This theme works with all modern browsers, is widget-ready and fully coded, social media links provided, a photo gallery, and blog options. A developer’s license is provided. Pricing starts at $69. More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Academy

Designed by Templatic, Academy was created for colleges, universities and other educational schools. This theme is clean and simple and easy to navigate. This theme has a large image slider with additional text, blog options and plenty of space for content. Other features for this theme include threaded comments, gravatars, widgets, breadcrumb navigation, search engine optimized, one-touch installation, several template options, and different color schemes and layouts. Pricing starts at $65. More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Options

The Options theme was created by ThemeForest with a large image on the homepage for a classy appearance. There is a blog option for this theme. The Options theme offers over 375 options for a unique theme: 4 skins, 16 different page layouts, over 100 shortcodes, 6 different sliders, social media widgets, and call to action features are just a few. Pricing starts at $40. More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Political

Political was crafted by Shape5 for political candidates and organizations and for anyone running a political campaign. This theme offers a built-in polling feature for feedback and other controversial issues. This theme is very professional and offers space for multiple images and plenty of content. Users can add videos and a forum. Other features: color options, SEO, widgets, layout options, video tutorials, and different menu choices. Pricing starts at $50. More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Metric

Created by StudioPress, the Metric theme is polished and professional and designed for business advertisement in mind. This theme has a bold top section, 3 images below with content space and a footer section. This theme is ready for widgets, can handle blogs, has advertising management, is fully coded, and has built-in localization. There are video tutorials and unlimited support. Pricing starts at $79. More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Sublime

SoloStream designed Sublime for blogs, a magazine or news site, or a general content website. This theme covers lots of content space but does not appear crowded to readers. There is a control panel for users to customize the theme for a more unique appearance – 9 color schemes, content slider, widget-ready, integrated social networking websites, and advertising management. Sublime is search engine optimized. A developer’s license is available. Pricing starts at $59. More Info | Buy Now

Theme: AgentPress

Designed for realtors, StudioPress has created a professional theme that offers several custom features including 6 different layouts. The background and header can be changed and templates are available for additional pages. This theme also has a blog section that supports threaded comments. There are menu options, a search box, supported social networking sites, call to action features, and image sliders. Pricing starts at $79. More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Mr. and Mrs. Wedding

Templatic created this wedding theme for couples preparing to tie the knot and wanting to communicate with their family, friends, and wedding guests. This blog theme has a header which can be customized and a navigation system for easy viewing. In the control panel, users can change the color schemes and add images with automatic resizing. This theme comes with full localization support, is widget and gravatar-ready, and offers advertising management. The theme is SEO. Pricing starts at $35. More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Boast

This sleek design was created by WooThemes. Located on the homepage are scrolling widget boxes where text and images can be placed. This theme has subdued colors and rounded corners and really is matchless. The homepage slideshow does not automatically change allowing users to select the posts they want to see. There is also a sub-feature area for expanded information. This theme has flexible layouts, optional widget space, blog options, is SEO, and offers several navigation selections. Pricing starts at $70. More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Inspired

The Inspired theme, designed by SoloStream, is very versatile and can be used for many different kinds of sites, for regular blogs and businesses. On the homepage is space for your company logo and a content slider. This flexible theme showcases 10 different color schemes, photo gallery selections, banner ad integration and advertising management, and multiple layout opportunities. This theme has flexible licensing options. Pricing starts at $59. More Info | Buy Now

Theme: AppPress

Designed by ChimeraThemes, this business theme features a content slider as the main attraction on the homepage and can be customized with text, buttons, and backdrop. Customers will have an easy way to compare your products using this theme and its custom pricing page. This theme is provided with shortcodes and widgets, multiple color schemes, and sidebars. Pricing starts at $37. More Info | Buy Now

Theme: WpPrecious

Also from ChimeraThemes, the WpPrecious theme is packed with features made suitable for all businesses and comes with an advanced style editor. This theme takes little time to make custom changes, which is ideal for most professional developers. This theme comes with unlimited layout options, 11 different color schemes, built in shortcodes, custom buttons and text areas, and is search engine optimized. This theme has an emphasized pricing page. Pricing starts at $37. More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Sealight

Sealight is a business theme, crafted by WooThemes, to showcase products. This theme has info boxes, a testimonial section, and a highlighted slideshow to present your best products and sales pitch. There is a pricing template included with the theme. This theme supports videos, has multiple color schemes and layouts, is widget-ready, a sidebar manager, has custom shortcodes, and is search engine optimized. Pricing starts at $70. More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Sky

Just like its name, the carefree Sky theme was designed by Elegant Themes to appeal to personal users who want a more professional appearance. The homepage has a menu bar and shows a large image slider for added content and images. Features for this theme include advertisement management, supports threaded comments, will work smoothly with all modern browsers, fully coded, and automatic thumbnail resizing. Pricing starts at $39. More Info | Buy Now

Theme: MyStream

From WooThemes is MyStream, created to charm highly social bloggers who use various forms of social media sources and like to engage in conversation. This theme will display your social life online and offline; this includes your Facebook profile, Flickr photos, Vimeo videos, Twitter account, etc. Your readers can connect with you with just one click. There are 6 different color schemes, ability to add a background image or logo, create custom widgets, layout selections, and advertising space. This theme is search engine optimized. Pricing starts at $70. More Info | Buy Now

Theme: AP-Aire

This calm theme, designed by SoloStream, has a soft blue color and lots of room for content. There is a prominent content slider on the homepage and has a magazine layout feel. This theme also functions for regular blogs. Other AP-Aire features are advertising management, dropdown navigation, SEO optimization, multiple layouts, widget-ready, sidebar customization, and fully integrated social networking technology. Licensing options are available. Pricing starts at $59. More Info | Buy Now

Theme: RT-Theme 14

Created by ThemeForest, the RT-Theme 14 is best suited for businesses and professional users. The homepage has a top menu bar, space for a large image and below that 3 more featured image sections. Additional options for this theme include color schemes, sidebar creator and customization, widget-ready, optional typography, and social media networking buttons. Pricing starts at $40. More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Waves

Waves from ThemeForest, is for bloggers who aspire to have a more professional looking blog. This Tumblr-style, easy theme is compatible with mobile technologies and is serious about generating revenue through the site. The Waves theme has built-in advertising management, traffic tracking capabilities, social media sharing features, and a typography manager. Pricing starts at $35. More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Kidz Store

The name of this theme hides nothing; Kidz Store by Templatic, appeals to children’s products and to the parents and grandparents shopping for them. The bold colors and bright blue banner resemble a playful and fun site. This theme comes with thumbnail images, product summaries, categories, and item detail page templates. Kidz Store also allows users to create accounts for regular shopping visits. This theme also has a blog section and coupon options to keep readers excited about new products and sales announcements. Additional color schemes are available. Pricing starts at $65. More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Terran Tribune

Designed by Rocket Themes, Terran Tribune will appeal to new modern businesses and professional organizations. This theme operates with 32 separate widget locations, including advertising widgets for revenue generation, to allow for content arrangement freedom. This theme is fully localized and compliant with all current website browsers. Pricing starts at $50. More Info | Buy Now

Theme: eBook

This eBook theme will charm authors who are self-publishing and promoting their books. The homepage has plenty of content room but the large image slider will catch your readers’ attention. Additional features for the eBook theme consist of automatic thumbnail resizing, fully coded, how-to tutorials and guides, search engine visibility, and breadcrumb links. Pricing starts at $65. More Info | Buy Now

Theme: eShop

Created by Templatic, the eShop theme is suitable for stores selling retail products online, digital and instant-delivery products, or that function as catalogs. The frontend features for this theme offer multiple color schemes and a customizable homepage including space for a featured product and thumbnail images for additional showcased products. Backend features include shipping and sizing options, ability to work with major payment services, and affiliate programs for your products. Pricing starts at $65. More Info | Buy Now

Theme: iPhone App

Also by Templatic is the iPhone App. Just like its name, this theme provides a place for an application showcase. The theme shows users what the products for a smartphone look like on a larger computer screen by allowing images to be seen horizontally and vertically. The layout shows a 5 image slider of your app and can include video. This theme also includes a contact form, testimonial feature, and a separate section for blogs. Other features: widget-ready, gravatar capabilities, advertising management, and is search engine optimized. Pricing starts at $65. More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Delegate

This sleek design by WooThemes allows users to reach their clientele by showcasing their products and services with flexible and easy-to-use functionalities. The stylish homepage features a large JQuery slider with image, video and text options. This theme contains call to actions and customizable buttons and can display a traditional blog. Users can change the color schemes, add widgets, integrate social media links, and manage advertising. Pricing starts at $70. More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Serenity

Created by StudioPress, the Serenity theme has a soft and relaxing magazine style layout. The layout allows for image, video, and text content. The homepage also offers space for a featured article and below that are spaces for smaller images with text content. In the user control panel, these features can be managed for a more customizable site: color schemes, layouts, sidebars, advertising management, and widgets. This theme is search engine optimized and fully coded. Pricing starts at $79. More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Feature Pitch

This classic theme from WooThemes is great for product sales without a storefront. This theme is simple and professional, using tabbed browsing and a sidebar video player to provide an easy way for content management. Feature Pitch includes breadcrumb navigation, multiple color schemes, widgets, incorporated social networking sites, call to action and subscriber links, and automatic thumbnail resizing. Pricing starts at $70. More Info | Buy Now

Theme: WpChimera

Created by ChimeraThemes, this theme offers anybody a professional web development layout. The theme features rounded borders for a more modern look. This theme includes 5 different homepage image sliders and an optional pricing page for those wanting to showcase products and services. Through the admin panel, users can create their desired look of the theme. Uploaded images can post to any page and sidebars for any posts. Custom features include subheadings to posts and the capability to import and export theme options from other themes. Pricing starts at $70. More Info | Buy Now

Theme: The Station

WooThemes has designed The Station theme for business users or a news information site. This theme is sleek, clean and professional with a tabbed content section on the homepage to allow visitors to find important information more easily. This theme includes various navigation options, different layouts, three widgetized sidebars, a video player, breadcrumb links, advertising management, multiple color schemes, and a traffic monitor. This theme comes fully localized. Pricing starts at $70. More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Answers

The Answers theme from Templatic, allows users to quickly setup a survey site for many different purposes and allows for user interactivity. The design is simple and to the point with the top questions featured on the homepage and includes voting features. Logos and profiles can be added to the homepage as well. Users can choose between several different color schemes and design settings. This theme does have blog options available and is widget-ready. Pricing starts at $65. More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Inspire

The Inspire theme, created by WooThemes, is a design crafted to showcase products and services. The homepage is customizable with a large JQuery image slider that displays images, text and video to encourage customers to buy. Also included with the theme is a portfolio section and blog opportunities. This theme includes these additional features: widgetized sidebars and footer, social media integration, advertising management, multiple color schemes, background image selection and typography options. This theme is search engine optimized. Pricing starts at $70. More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Babysitters

Template Monster created the Babysitter theme for childcare facilities and childcare providers. It can be used for a professional or casual business. This theme offers a great media outlet for all kinds of babysitter services. The homepage has a widgetized header and footer and multicolored boxes strategically used for the menu bar. This theme has sidebar options and plenty of space for content and images. Blog integration is available as well. Licensing options are offered. Pricing starts at $65. More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Empire

The Empire theme, crafted by WooThemes, was designed for businesses. Underneath the business logo, is an image slider for image and text and plenty of space below for additional content. This theme offers page templates including a portfolio page and team pages. Other features include widget-ready, advertising management, blog capabilities, different color schemes, fully coded, sidebar management, and typography options. This theme is search engine optimized and is fully localized. Pricing starts at $70. More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Medica

Created by ThemeFuse, the Medica theme is a suitable design for medical businesses – dentists, family medicine, doctors, specialists, chiropractors and alternative health providers. The Medica theme comes with layout options, shortcodes, call to action features, and social networking links. This theme works with all modern browsers and is provided with search engine optimization. Pricing starts at $49. More Info | Buy Now

Theme: MobilityApp

Also from ThemeFuse, is the MobilityApp, which showcases applications for smartphones and other mobile devices. This theme is designed to work with all current browsers. Convenient features with this theme include shortcodes, layout changes, different color schemes, and two different image sliders. This theme is search engine optimized. Pricing starts at $49. More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Refined

Another ThemeForest design is Refined, created for all businesses that want more for their websites, including flexibility, that desire an attractive and professional appearance. The navigation is easy, content is organized, and the theme has minimal aesthetics. The theme has video support, shortcode options, social networking widgets, and multiple templates. There are also portfolio options available. Pricing starts at $40. More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Prime

Designed by WPZoom, the professional Prime theme was made for eCommerce businesses. The homepage opens with a bold three image slider that includes call to action, product images, and content. Users can add their custom logo to the header. Additional features include social networking links, search engine optimization, automatic thumbnail resizing, and portfolio possibilities. Licensing options are available. Pricing starts at $69. More Info | Buy Now