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Last week, we published a What Is Your Favorite Theme Company? poll-type article here at WPHub.com; asking our loyal readers to provide feedback on which company (or companies) they prefer to do business with. After 8 days of polling, premium theme firm Elegant Themes edged out the ThemeForest marketplace. As of 12:00 Noon Eastern Time, the company headed by Nick Roach had received 3 more votes than its competitor.

Poll Results

In total, 33 votes were tallied in our poll from Monday, October 29th to midday Tuesday, November 6th. Elegant Themes received exactly one-third of those vote (11), while ThemeForest.net garnered 8 “favorite theme” nods from our readers. Magazine3 came in 3rd place with 5 votes, while WooThemes got four total votes among those who participated. There were also four listings for “other companies” that weren’t included in the original question, while Color Labs was chosen once.

Below I’ve pasted a screenshot of the results as of early Tuesday afternoon. Note that there is still time to vote on your favorite theme company if you wish to do so, and if there are major changes in the final outcome, we will publish them here on the site.

Favorite Themes Poll Results

Why Elegant Themes?

Our readers who took the time to select a theme company or two from our poll found it hard to not give the nod to Elegant Themes founder Nick Roach, who has turned a penchant for “soft” color palettes and a knack for coding into a global phenomenon that has eclipsed 150,000 customers and offers a grand total of 78 premium themes.

Elegant Themes Description

The themes range in color schemes, flavors, niches, and functionality; so you’re likely to find something that suits your needs at ET regardless of whether you’re running a personal blog, business, e-Commerce, real estate site, business card platform, full-fledged portfolio, multimedia, or Tumblr-style website. The firm’s latest releases include the Origin WordPress theme, along with Nimble, Lucid and Flexible.

With Elegant Themes, you are assured full access to all themes upon signup; regardless of whether you choose the personal or developer license package. This is due to Roach’s Yearly Subscription Plan scheme, which offers complete access to every theme (78 at current count), premium support and perpetual updates for the low price of $39 per year. If you would like to have complete access to every plugin along with layered Photoshop files, this will run you $89 per year in the form of a Developer’s license.

Elegant Themes License Plans

ThemeForest Marketplace

The ThemeForest.net marketplace, owned and operated by parent company Envato, is the one-stop destination for many developers and WordPress users who are looking for a premium theme to fit a niche market or act as a platform for several domains. Just yesterday, we brought you an article outlining how the U-Design premium theme has already achieved over $1,000,000 in total sales thanks to more than 21,000 purchases at a $50 price. How about that for a popular product?

ThemeForest does a good job at organizing its ever-increasing premium product catalog and allows users to search by the Most Popular, Price, Date Published, etc. This saves an enormous amount of front-end user time in the long run.

The weekly stats counter keeps up with which items are getting the most attention from buyers so you’re never really “out of the loop” when it comes to keeping up with current trends and updates.

ThemeForest New Items

Our Most Recent Poll Article

If you haven’t checked out our latest poll-type article, please do so by clicking the link and let us know How Many WordPress Themes You Use at the moment. So far, there appears to be quite a bit of versatility when it comes to whether our readers use just one theme for one site or implement more than 10 for a large range of domains.

We will finalize this week’s poll in mid-November and publish the results. We’d like to thank all our readers who took the time to let us know what their favorite theme company is as well.

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  • Comment by David Huber
    David Huber

    That’s a good point Brad. I’m in the process of performing broader research/exposure on theme companies not listed to ensure we have as much information on firms as possible published here at WPHub.

    In upcoming days I’m going to do an article on StudioPress and will be sure to include the site & its products in subsequent polls we conduct.

    Thanks for your comment.


  • Comment by Brad Dalton
    Brad Dalton

    Good idea David but why didn’t you include StudioPress in the poll?