WPHub Expanding Coverage of WordPress News

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Hot off the presses! Recently, you may have noticed a newly expanded content category on WPHub called News. For example, if you look at our recent feature article entitled “Magazine3 Announces MediaBlog Theme,” you’ll see that it’s tagged as “WordPress News.” Ta da! We’ll be publishing articles several times per week on hot news topics around the WordPress industry like new versions of WordPress and new themes being released. This will be an area of emphasis for us going forward.

You can click on the top menus tab “News” to be taken to the full list of news topics we’ve written about. Recent headlines include:

Magazine3 Announces MediaBlog Theme
WordPress 3.5 Beta 2 Available For Download
ThemeFuse Releases Photo Gallery & Slider As “Weekly Freebie”
WooThemes Revamps Website, Moves To WooCommerce
Premium Theme Market Trending Toward Well Rounded Products

Our WordPress News category will allow you to stay up-to-date with what’s trending in the WordPress world. Previously, WPHub has mainly published tutorials and reviews. Now, we get to unleash our talented team of writers on a whole new realm and make it a point to be on top of the headlines. The news stories we listed above are all from October 10th or later, so visiting our site will definitely keep you in tune with the latest news, notes, and nuggets trending about WordPress.

Let’s take a look at a few recent headlines and understand why they were worthy of a news article here on WPHub. The first one we’ll recap is a piece from October 15th by David Huber entitled “WordPress 3.5 Beta 2 Available for Download.” The new version, which comes ahead of an expected commercial release of WordPress 3.5 in December, has plenty of new bells and whistles.

Speaking on what’s new, Huber quoted WordPress’ Andrew Nacin as saying, “The biggest thing we’ve been working on is overhauling the media experience from the ground up. We’ve made it all fair game: How you upload photos, arrange galleries, insert images into posts, and more. It’s still rough around the edges and some pieces are missing, which means now is the perfect time to test it out, report issues, and help shape our headline feature.”

Also included in the new Beta are a “new workflow for working with image galleries” and “drag-and-drop reordering and quick caption editing.” The emphasis on media will likely be encouraging for many WordPress users, as web surfers have become accustomed to watching videos and listening to audio. As they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

You can even get a heads-up on special offers in WPHub’s WordPress News category. In an article released as news on October 11th entitled “ThemeFuse Releases Photo Gallery & Slider As Weekly Freebie,” we wrote about ThemeFuse giving its readers a little something for nothing. Last week, the site offered the Photo Gallery / Slider for free. The module has a tic-tac-toe looking grid that allows visitors to a website to flip through pictures with speed and ease.

You wouldn’t have been left out in the cold about ThemeFuse’s special promotion if you regularly checked out our WordPress News category, so make sure to do so.

Finally, an article published by Nathan Weller on October 9th, just a few scant days ago, focused on the state of the WordPress market. In his news piece, Weller pointed out, “The top 20 themes on ThemeForest were grossing over $80,000 per week, with most themes selling at $35 each.” Let that number sink in for a second. Despite generally costing just $35 apiece, ThemeForests’ top 20 themes generated nearly six-figures in revenue per week. In case there was any doubt, WordPress is alive and well.

If that weren’t evidence enough of WordPress’ popularity, Weller also dropped the following bombshell: “ThemesForge estimated that the combined top 20 authors on ThemeForest in April 2012 sold over $700,000 in WordPress themes. That’s over $32,000 per author per month.” So who’s ready to learn about WordPress?

Check back often for updated WordPress news right here on WPHub.