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WordPress developer Vladimir Prelovac, author of the fantastic ‘WordPress Plugin Development – Beginner’s Guide‘ released a fantastic plugin last week called WP Quick Deploy. The plugin allows you to easily install some of the most popular WordPress plugins available. It’s perfect for anyone who is launching a new site.

Plugins are divided into 5 different sections:

  • Administration – 12 Plugins
  • Frontend – 11 Plugins
  • Tools – 6 Plugins
  • SEO – 5 Plugins
  • Social Media – 7 Plugins

You can activate, deactivate and delete plugins through the WP Quick Deploy page. There is also a form to suggest other plugins to be included in future releases.

WP Quick Deploy WordPress Plugin

I really love this plugin. Anyone who develops WordPress sites on a regular basis knows how tiresome it can be to hunt down your favourite plugins and install them again; you can of course save your favourite plugins on your computer and upload them when necessary however over time this would mean you would be uploading older versions of the plugin. This plugin allows you to do install everything from your admin area.

If you are launching a new WordPress site, I strongly encourage you to install WP Quick Deploy from the start as it will make your life a lot easier. Kudos to Vladimir for creating another great plugin.

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WP Quick Deploy: Information | Download

Comments (5)

  • Comment by WPReviews

    Great Plugin! Would it be possible to add the ability for users to manually add any premium plugins they have purchased?

  • Comment by Vladimir Prelovac
    Vladimir Prelovac

    Thanks for introducing the plugin to your readers, and glad you like it! I invite everyone to send suggestions for plugins to be included through the built in form in the plugin admin.

  • Comment by Kevin Muldoon
    Kevin Muldoon

    Yeah it’s a great plugin. I used to save all the plugins I used for every site in a folder but it became impractical as I had to keep updating the main folder and the sites which used the plugins.

  • Comment by Pippin

    This is great. As a developer, I always spend 20-30 minutes installing / updating all the necessary plugins with every site, so this is a huge time saver.

  • Comment by Amor

    Wow this is nice! Glad there’s a plugin like this. Thanks for sharing Kevin. Downloaded. :)