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If you’re looking to add custom CSS styles to your WordPress blog on a post-by-post (or page-by-page) basis, then the WP Post Styling plugin is a great option. It’s an easy-to-use tool for creating unique looks and adding custom styles to single posts and pages.

You can even go a step further and add custom mobile styles and print styles (in order to change how that post or page is displayed on mobile devices or when printed). It’s important to note here that these custom CSS styles will only show on that specific post or page, and not on any archive pages.

WP Post Styling Settings

There are not many options for the plugin. Mainly, you can choose which kind of styling options can be entered in your post and pages.

WP Post Styling General Settings

So if you only want to use screen styles, then you can leave that checked and the rest unchecked. Each item that you have checked will add a new box to the WP Post Styling widget. This way you can enter separate styling for each type.

You can also add custom styles to the library and view items that are already in your library (which is discussed in detail below).

Custom Style Library

WP Post Styling also gives you the option to store frequently used styles in the Custom Screen Style Library. This saves you from reentering a set of styles over and over again.

Add Custom Styles to the WP Post Styling Library

It’s very easy to use the library. You simply add custom styles that you want to store right within the WP Post Styling menu, which will be displayed under the settings tabs on your dashboard. You’ll need to give the style a name and choose a library to add it too (screen, mobile, print).

WP Post Styling Widget

When you’re ready to apply the stored styling to a post or page, you can select it from the drop-down menu in the WP Post Styling widget underneath the content editor (when adding/editing a post or page).

Adding Styles

As you can see in the image above, the plugin adds a new widget to your new post page. This is where you will enter your styles, select a style stored in the library, and enable/disable the option to add styling.

Of course, you’ll need to know some basic CSS in order to use this plugin; it doesn’t help you in any way with that. It’s just a place to put your CSS styling so that it will be applied to a single page or post.

See It In Action

Here you can see the CSS code I entered into a test post.

Custom Styling Added to Test Post via WP Post Styling Plugin

Here is the final result after narrowing the content area (by adjusting the margins) and changing the page background color from white to black.

Final Result WP Post Styling Plugin

WP Post Styling may be a simple plugin, but it definitely serves a huge purpose. Just imagine the possibilities!

Link: WP Post Styling

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    Honestly, I wasn’t very sharp when it came to codes and HTML that’s why I always had someone do it for me. Good thing I read post because at least I can install this plug-in that can “train” and teach me how to layout my site by myself. I’d love to try it.