WP Pic Tagger WordPress Plugin

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Andrew dela Serna released a great little photo plugin in September called WP Pic Tagger; a plugin which allows you to add tags and captions to pictures.

WP Pic Tagger WordPress Plugin

When a user hovers a picture they will see different captions on different parts of the picture. It works very much like tagging on Facebook.

Once you have activated the plugin you will see two new buttons in your editor: ‘tag people’ and ‘tag objects’.

WP Pic Tagger WordPress PluginYou need to create a new class for every picture. Once you have saved your post you will see icons underneath your picture which allow you to create the tags. It is possible to add text and links to your picture.

After adding some tags your picture will look something like this:

WP Pic Tagger WordPress Plugin

If you are looking for a way to tag objects or people in your pictures I recommend checking WP Pic Tagger out :)


WP Pic Tagger: Information | Download