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I am proud to announce our 2nd WordPress Theme. Mag Style is a basic theme which uses no images. It would be perfect for an online magazine site, blog or news site.

The original design for this theme was done by Small Potato though all the coding was done by my associate Sarah Anderson.

We originally added lots of features like popular posts, featured articles etc, images etc; however we removed all of these as we didn’t want to complicate matters. You see, the problem with adding more features, is that you sometimes add features that others don’t need. You also run a higher risk of clashing with other WordPress plugins because you are calling many of the functions they use. Therefore, we decided to keep the theme as simple as possible so that users could customise the design the way they wanted.

You can see the theme in action on our demo blog.


  • Left and right sidebar on home page and category pages.
  • Both sidebars and footer are widget ready
  • RSS Feed and RSS email subscription form at the top of the site (top of sidebar)
  • Includes blogroll, contact, advertisement and 404 templates
  • Fully compatible with WordPress 2.9+

WP Mods Mag Style WordPress Theme

All of our themes are released free under the GNU General Public License.

This means:

  • You can use the theme on as many personal and commercial websites as you wish
  • You can modify the theme in any way you want
  • You can remove the credit link if you want

As noted above, there is a small credit link back to WP Mods in the footer. I would appreciate it if the link remained on your site as it helps promote the site and indirectly funds future theme development, but you are welcome to remove the link if you wish :)

See Mag Style in action!

I’d love to see some examples of the theme being used on the web, particularly from those who have made some modifications.

Please leave a comment with a link to your website if you are using the theme. I will create a list of sites which are using the design here so that others can see what can be achieved with a few modifications :)

How to download the WP Mods Mag Style Theme

Just download the file listed below and upload the theme folder in your wp-content/themes directory. Then simply activate the theme in your admin area.

Download: WP Mods MagStyle Theme

Using the Theme

Just like all WordPress themes, to use it all you need to do is download the zip file, extract the files, upload the VideoTheme folder to your blogs wp-content/themes/ folder, and then activate the theme.

Theme Options Page

Mag Style comes with it’s own theme options page (which can be found in the appearance section of the WordPress admin area).

Mag Style Theme Options

In the options area you can add your feedburner and Twitter information. This will update the subscription box at the top of the sidebar.

Within the options area you can also add a 468×60 banner. All you need to do is upload your banner to the theme header folder, select the banner from the drop down list and then add your link underneath it.

Add a banner to the header of MagStyle

This will add the banner to the top of your blog:

Add a banner to the header of MagStyle

Contact Form

The theme also has it’s own basic contact form built in. All you need to do is go to your theme options page and enter your email address, your thank you page URL and the email subject for emails sent via the form.

Then you just need to create a contact page and select the contact template for the form to be placed within the page.


The theme comes with it’s own Blogroll template. To display your blogroll on a page simply make sure that the page is using the blogroll.php template.

Widget Areas

The sidebar.php and footer.php templates are both widget ready. Once you add a widget to these zones the dummy information will be removed. Details of how to remove the dummy information is contained in the theme ReadMe.txt file (the dummy info shows contains fake links and images etc to show what can be achieved with the theme).

Theme Support

I just don’t have the time to offer personal email support. However, I encourage you to post any problems or questions you have in the WP Mods Forum. I’ll do my best to help you as soon as I can. This also allows other users to contribute to the discussion.

Last but not least….

As always, I’d love to know what you think of the theme. I’m sure that many of you will find it useful.

Also, if you like the theme, please show your appreciation by spreading the word with a vote in one of the social media sites listed below in our share area :)


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  • Comment by Kevin Muldoon
    Kevin Muldoon

    You cna download the theme here.

  • Comment by laxmankasula

    Hi Kevin,
    I do not get any download link.
    Please send me the link….

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  • Comment by George Serradinho
    George Serradinho

    Hi there, I subscribed to your newsletter and wanted to download the theme, but I could not see any link. I’m interested in the theme and would love to get my hands on it.

    Could you please let me know what the download link is or email me the details.

  • Comment by Kevin Muldoon
    Kevin Muldoon

    Hi George,

    I emailed you a link to the download page :)