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WP Lifeguard is a great service that offers WordPress video tutorials. There are 38 videos currently available though more are being added regularly. All videos are between 1 and 4 minutes in length. WP Lifeguard state that these videos cover beginner to advanced topics though in my opinion all of the videos are aimed at beginners.

Topics include ‘Using the Visual Editor’, ‘Adding Images to a Post or Page’ and ‘Installing, Removing, and Updating Plugins’. If you have been using WordPress for a while, I don’t think you would get much benefit from viewing these videos.

Although these videos aren’t of much use to those who are comfortable using WordPress already, they would prove very useful for those who who are building websites for clients, friends and family. All videos can be added to the admin area of a WordPress area using the LifeGuard+ Assistant plugin.

Once the free plugin has been installed, a help section will be added to your site with the video tutorials. 11 videos are provided with the plugin for free however if you want access to all videos you will need to upgrade. Full access to all videos requires a one time payment of $29.

LifeGuard+ Assistant

The videos are very well made and well presented. Rather than create long videos, each video is only a few minutes long so that users can get answers to specific queries. I’m glad they went down this route as it isn’t practical to refer clients to an hour long video to get an answer to a simple question.

If you are a complete beginner to WordPress, you are bound to find the WP LifeGuard series of videos very useful. At the moment all videos are aimed at beginners to it’s difficult for me to recommend this to WP Mods readers (who generally know their way around the WordPress admin area already).

WP LifeGuard is perfect for those of you who are building websites for clients. The videos are well presented, easy to follow and can be placed directly in the admin area of the clients website. This should save you a huge amount of time as you don’t need to constantly answer basic questions about how WordPress works. When you take this into consideration, $29 for the complete range of videos is a bargain.

I recommend trying out the LifeGuard+ Assistant plugin first before paying for full access though so that you know what you’re getting with the full service.


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