Welcome Your Visitors With WP Greet Box

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WP Greet Box is a useful plugin that lets you display a greeting message to visitors depending on how they found your website.

The default message, which can be modified, asks visitors to subscribe to your RSS feed, however there is support for 32 social media services. So if someone visits your site via Facebook the message will ask the visitor to like it via Facebook.

WP Greet Box

You can modify, delete or deactivate each greeting. You can also add additional greeting messages for other referrers. You can also exclude certain referrers so that no message is displayed.

WP Greet Box Options

The greeting message can be displayed before or after posts, pages or the homepage. You can allow users to close the message box too. The plugin can also show related posts before or after the greeting box. This is a good way of encouraging new visitors to view related content and therefore stay longer on your site.

WP Greet Box Settings

You can enable rounded corners and drop the shadow of the box but if you want to customise the styling of the box more you will have to edit the plugin. Nevertheless, WP Greet Box is a great way of creating a more personal message for new visitors to your site. It should also help encourage new visitors to subscribe to your RSS feed or share the article they found.


Link: WP Greet Box