WP-Filebase – A Powerful Download Manager For WordPress

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WP-Filebase Download Manager is a fantastic free download manager for WordPress from Fabian Schlieper. The plugin lets you split unlimited downloads into different categories. The total number of downloads are tracked for each file too.

Files can be uploaded via the plugin admin area; directly from your computer or from the file URL. A number of optional fields can be attached to posts such as title, author, version, post ID and description.

Custom fields can also be attached, which makes WP-Filebase a very flexible option for WordPress users.

WP-Filebase Download Manager

An extended form exists that lets you add much more detailed fields such as date, type of license, operating system, language and requirements. You can also set an image thumbnail and set whether people can link directly to the file itself or redirect the url to the announcement post.

WP-Filebase Download Manager

Files are presented in a traditional file structure tree. Each file is listed underneath its assigned category; making it easy for your visitors to find the file they are looking for.

WP-Filebase Download Manager

The file download box shows the name of the file, its size and the number of downloads so far. You can click on a details link to bring up more information too.

WP-Filebase Download Manager

The plugin also adds a WP-Filebase to your post editor. This allows you to upload files directly from the post area (as long as you have the visual editor activiated).

WP-Filebase Download Manager

When the post editor icon is clicked an upload box is loaded with 5 tabs: attachments, single file, file URL, file list and file tree view. You can do everything here that you can do from the settings area, making it a more practical way of uploading your files to your site.

WP-Filebase Download Manager

WP-Filebase Download Manager is a great plugin that is absolutely packed full of features. Other features include:

  • The ability to build photo galleries
  • Publication of MP3 and other audio files with automatic ID3 tag detection
  • Automatic thumbnails
  • Search integration
  • Traffic limits and bandwidth throttle
  • Customisable template system

I recommend checking it out if you are looking for an easy way of placing files on your website and tracking the number of downloads.


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