Paginate Pages and Posts with Long Comments with Wp-Comment-Master

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Wp-Comment-Master is a AJAX comment posting plugin which allows you to paginate long lists of comments on your site. If you have posts on your site with more than 25 long comments on it then you will appreciate how useful this can be.

The pagination looks something like this:

WP Comment Master WordPress Plugin

As you can see from the preview above, the output of WP Comments Master is not very different from the other comment pagination plugins which are available. However, the plugin does offer a good level of customisation which others don’t.

The page list can be shown before or after the comments area (or both), the default text can be changed, and the number of comments per page can be modified too.

WP Comment Master WordPress Plugin

If you have articles or posts on your site with a large number of comments then you should consider using a comment pagination such as WP Comments Master as it makes searching through comments a lot easier and more presentable.

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Download Link: Wp-Comment-Master

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  • Comment by Ram

    nice plugin,but not working on gantry framework

  • Comment by Mario

    nice plugin, but not work on my template…