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WP-ClearPhoto is a premium blogging design from theme developers SoloStream that was created specifically for photographers.

It’s an extremely versatile theme that comes with 18 different background patterns, 2 variations of the home page (a blog style home page and a corporate style) and a great gallery template.

There is also 7 different layouts for the blog template; with the sidebar being placed in different positions and in different widths. You can use a featured post slider on the home page too.

WP-ClearPhoto WordPress Theme

Widget fans are also looked after with a featured page widget, featured category widget and footer widgets. Those of you who aren’t comfortable editing templates will be happy to know that every aspect of the design can be modified through the themes settings area.

WP-ClearPhoto Settings

WP-ClearPhoto unfortunately one has one gallery though it’s well designed and uses lightbox to show photos via a pop up. Where it excels over other photography designs is it’ blogging features. I consider it to be a blogging design which has been photography features rather than a dedicated photography design, due to the traditional blog layout it uses. This makes it a good option for photographers who blog frequently. Those are looking for a simple design to simply display their portfolio should look elsewhere.

A regular license for WP-ClearPhoto retails for $59 and comes with lifetime updates and support. If you’re keen on buying another SoloStream design, I recommend upgrading to the one month theme membership package for $79 as it gives you access to over 20 designs.

SoloStream have been kind enough to donate a copy of the theme to WP Mods readers. Please visit out forums for full details on how you can win this great design.


Link: WP-ClearPhoto WordPress Theme

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    Manoj Pandian

    Thanks for the post. i’m going to try using this template for my blog. ( about an artist)