WP-Clear 3.2 Offers New Fixes, Page Templates

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Web-based media company Solostream released an update for its WP-Clear premium WordPress theme in January. Version 3.2 fixes several software bugs and also adds 4 blog page templates to the download. In a recent post, the firm’s Marketing and Product Development Director Michael Pollock outlined the changes that have been made to WP-Clear along with how to install the theme.

To begin with, WP-Clear boasts a responsive design that specifically caters to tablet computer and mobile device users, who will see a customized content layout when visiting a website that is using this theme. The changes are made automatically and require zero code manipulation on the customer’s behalf. As soon as WP-Clear 3.2 is downloaded and installed, it is ready to function as the Content Management System behind your WordPress site. All webmasters need to do is insert their own content.

Bug Fixes And Blog Page Templates

The new version addresses issues that were affecting the Featured Content Sliders of several WordPress themes offered by Solostream. The sliders were previously non-functional in certain instances in which a site was visited from smaller devices, but the bug is now fixed and the changes have already been made to most of Solostream’s downloads.

A total of 4 blog page templates have been added as a “Standard Feature” to the themes offered by Solostream. This allows webmasters to choose from several layouts and find the most appropriate fit for a WordPress website’s specific needs. There are options for “Standard,” “Two Columns,” “By Category” and “Stacked By Category.”

WP Clear Blog Page Template

Much of the code has been re-written in order to accommodate child themes and make it easier to implement them. A child theme is great for customizing your current template and lets you alter core theme files without having to worry about going into the Editor.

New widgets have been added for WP-Clear 3.2, one of which allows you to feature a single post in any of the widgetized slots. The Featured Posts widget lets you showcase a number of entries with a specific tag. Finally, minor bug fixes were implemented in an effort to correct some of the visuals related to the theme.

WP-Clear 3.2 Installation

Pollock went into detail about how to upgrade to the latest version, assuming you are currently utilizing WP-Clear 3.1+. First, customers will need to download the latest update via the Members area of the Solostream website. To upload Version 3.2 to your website, Pollock advises that “the simplest way to do this is via the Theme page in your WP dashboard. Just go to your Themes page, click the “Install Themes” tab at the top, then click the “Upload” link, and upload the theme zip file.”

The new upload will need to be activated, and then the Custom Menus should be updated via the Appearance > Menus tab from your WordPress Dashboard. Pollock added that “if you modified the previous version of the theme, you may have to carry those changes over to the new version. If you made modifications via the theme settings page, those changes should appear in the new version automatically. If you made changes via the custom.css file, you will just need to manually copy those changes over to version 3.2 custom.css. If you made changes to any other theme files, you will need to manually copy those changes over to the new theme as well.”

Membership Information

Solostream offers Quarterly and Yearly premium subscription plans that grant unlimited access to all themes and support forums along with including PSD Files and one new theme each month. For those are interested in purchasing the WP-Clear theme as a stand-alone product, the license price is $59.

To find out more about the latest version of WP-Clear, visit the official Demo page.