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WP Blog Videos is a new tutorial website from affiliate marketer and blogger John Chow. The service offers over 100 video tutorials and will teach you how to create and develop a WordPress website step by step.

7 modules are included in the course, ranging from basic topics such as registering a domain name and uploading files using FTP, to more advanced topics such as email and social media marketing.

  • Module 1: Internet Marketing Basics
  • Module 2: Basic WordPress Tutorials
  • Module 3: Advanced WordPress Tutorials
  • Module 4: Making Money from Blogs
  • Module 5: SEO and Link Building
  • Module 6: RSS to Email Marketing
  • Module 7: Social Media Marketing

Most videos are around 5 to 10 minutes in length. The lady who walks you through each tutorial speaks clearly and ensures that everything is covered so you shouldn’t have any problems following it (A sample video can be seen on the home page of WP Blog Videos).

WP Blog Videos

In my opinion the name of the course is perhaps a little misleading. Beginner and intermediate WordPress topics are covered however anyone who has been using WordPress for a while will not find anything WordPress related here that they didn’t already know. It’s not a course that will show you how to develop WordPress themes or plugins or understand how common WordPress functions work.

The course is better viewed as a marketing course rather than a , and in that regard, it’s a great course and a fantastic introduction to making money online. A better name of the course would be ‘How to make money on the web using WordPress’ as every module shows you how you can build a website and promote it using WordPress and integrating useful 3rd party services.

In addition to the 100+ video tutorials, the course also comes packaged with 5 additional tools including a keyword research tool, blog commenting tool and link cloaking script.

Lifetime access to the course retails for $97. It’s worth checking out if you have no experience with building a website with WordPress or if you are looking for how you can use WordPress to build, develop, promote and make money from a WordPress powered website.


Link: WP Blog Videos

* Thanks to John Chow for providing access to the member area of WP Blog Videos for the purpose of this review :)

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  • Comment by Erfan @ WordPress Tutorials
    Erfan @ WordPress Tutorials

    This product is a great starting point for anyone new to WordPress and online marketing. Thanks for sharing.

  • Comment by affirencontre

    John Chow is a great consultant / marketer / SEO. He has been in this field since many years.
    Those video tutorials represent a great way to discover how to use wordpress from an affiliate point of view.