Create An Amazon Store Using WordPress With WP Associate

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WP Associate is a premium WordPress plugin which lets you convert your website into an Amazon store.

The plugin allows you to create your own categories and then add them to posts or pages. Due to this, you can customise your store in any way as the amazon store results are inserted inside your content.

WP Associate Amazon WordPress Plugin

It’s very easy to add new categories; all you need to do is enter your Amazon Associates secret ID and the ID of the category you want to promote products from.

WP Associate Amazon WordPress Plugin

In each category you can select which store to promote products from. You can promote the US, Canadian, British, French, German and Japanese stores. Support for the Italian Amazon store is coming soon too. Results can be displayed in columns of 3 or 4 items.

WP Associate Amazon WordPress Plugin

Amazon allows you to earn up to 15% on certain products so it can be a nice little earner if you have existing traffic. WP Associate retails for a very affordable $9.99. It can be downloaded instantly after purchase and used on an unlimited number of websites. It also comes with free technical support, unlimited lifetime upgrades and basic theme to get you started.


Link: WP Associate

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  • Comment by Jason

    nice plugin! I like it

  • Comment by Deepak(

    Thanks for sharing this one Kevin, the plugin & price are truly impressive.