Would You Like to Write for WPMods?

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As many of you know, I use to run the blogging website BloggingTips. When I sold the site at the beginning of this year I had over a dozen staff writing for me every week producing around 3 blog posts per day. My initial plan with WPMods was to get writers in right away but I wanted to develop the blog myself a little first and get the site started.

With WPMods being about 8 months now, I believe help is very long overdue. Additional writers will increase the range of topics on WordPress, give a different perspective from different users, and free up some of my time to work on longer articles of a higher quality.

I plan on advertising for writers on the ProBlogger job board in a week or so however I think it’s only fair I give regular readers the chance to get in the door first.

I am looking for writers who can write good quality articles on a regular basis. The writer should have blogging experience and a good grasp of English grammar. Preferably the writer will have written for a large blog with over 10,000 subscribers though this is not essential.

New writers will have their posts reviewed before publication until they have shown they can publish at set dates and times without the need of moderation. Also, due to the volume of themes and plugins which are covered on WPMods, it is important that the writer searches for any item they are covering just incase it has been covered previously.

At the moment I am looking for writers who can write short posts about plugins and themes which they believe WPMods visitors would find useful. I am also looking for those with more experience to write featured articles (examples of which on the right sidebar). Both positions are paid (rates will be discussed privately via email).

If you cannot commit to writing on a regular basis then I would be more than happy for you to submit a guest post from time to time.

All paid writers an guest posters will have their own profile page. Each article they write will also have a link to their bio page and a short description of who they are and the website they run underneath the article they have written (you can see an example of this underneath this post).

Rest assured, I am committed to making WPMods bigger and better and plan on investing in good quality writers to ensure that WPMods is the place to go for all things WordPress. If you think you can contribute to WPMods success then I’d love to hear from you.

If you have any questions about any of this please leave a comment here or contact me directly :)

Thanks for reading :)


Link: Write for WPMods