WordPress Twitter Forums Plugin

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Steven D Milanese released a cool little plugin for WordPress earlier this month which adds a floating Twitter forums button on the right hand side of your website.

To do this Steven utilizes the [email protected] service, a great resource which lets you reweet your favourite articles without leaving the site itself. Check out the video below to find out more about the service.

Stevens Twitter Forums WordPress Plugin adds a floating button to the right hand side of your page to allow users to retweet articles from your site.

Twitter Forums Button

When the user clicks on the floating button a panel slides ascross the screen which allows you to login to Twitter. Once you have logged in you can tweet your message.

Twitter Forums WordPress Plugin

Twitter Forums is a great way of letting visitors share your articles with others via Twitter. Unfortunately the plugin does not currently have any advanced settings which allow you to modify the way the button is displayed but I recommend checking it out nonetheless :)


Download Link: WordPress Twitter Forums Plugin