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WordPress.tv, the website that is responsible for publishing helpful tutorial and WordCamp content for the community, is now accepting video submissions from interested parties who would like to upload videos for worldwide viewing.

In a March 18th blog post on the official site, WordCamp website administrator Andrea Middleton wrote, “Do you record your WordPress meetup? Submit it to WordPress.tv! Do you record WordPress screencast tutorials? Submit them to WordPress.tv! Do you create some other form of WP video awesomesauce that would benefit the community? WordPress.tv might be just the place for it.”

WordPress Video Content

WordCamp Phoenix 2013

Multimedia entries have become increasingly popular over the last few years as new and experienced WordPress users strive to share information while learning new techniques associated with running and managing a WordPress blog or business site.

There is a wide variety of video content available on the website at present; mainly excerpts from recent WordCamp gatherings in which idea sharing and brainstorming sessions have resulted in helpful material for the community as a whole.

For example, one entry taken from the Phoenix 2013 WordCamp shows WordPress website owner Chris Lema giving a lecture on how to get the most out of your distributed workforce (a topic that has gained traction since the recent Yahoo! telecommuting ban). In his presentation, Lema provides tips on how to identify whether a specific employee will thrive in a remove working environment, along with how a project manager should coordinate with talent in order to encourage a positive professional environment.

Lema goes on to suggest that giving a new employee an extremely difficult task to see how he/she “fails” is just as, if not more, important than divvying out projects for the first few days. In his words, it is not whether your new remote worker fails or not, but rather how that person reacts to a difficult task and whether he/she is willing to communicate and seek advice from colleagues remotely.

Video Moderators Needed

The request for video submissions could result in a large influx of videos being offered in a short period of time, in which case it could take the WordPress.tv team a while to sift through all of the entries. Middleton addressed this potential issue on Monday, stating, “Our intrepid group of WordPress.tv event video moderators already works hard to review and publish WordCamp videos, and if WordPress.tv is suddenly flooded with video submissions, they may take a while to get around to reviewing and publishing your video. Please be patient as we iterate toward success… and if you’re interested in donating your time toward becoming a WordPress.tv moderator, please apply here. If this takes off like we think it might, we will definitely need some extra eyes!”

Upcoming WordCamps

This weekend, there will be a two-day WordCamp San Diego conference, with speaking engagements kicking off at 7:30am on Saturday at the Thomas Jefferson School of Law. There is a dedicated page available for those who would like to get a glimpse of the Speakers List ahead of time and prepare accordingly.

On the weekend of April 6th and 7th, WordCamp Miami will take place, followed by April 20th events in Seoul, South Korea and Nashville, Tennessee. Although ticket prices to the workshops are extremely accessible in price, they are not always available; especially to those who have not secured their entrance well ahead of time.

The best way to learn more about getting a ticket to a WordCamp near you is to browse through the WordCamp Central website that is managed by longtime WordPress coordinator Andrea Middleton. There are a number of sections available for Frequently Asked Questions as well as info on how to get involved in your local WordPress community.

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    Harshh Vardhan

    That’s a great news David, I was always wondering when will they actually let people submit some useful content and now this is it. Thanks for the update. :)