10 WordPress Themes and 4 Plugins For Under Construction Sites

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This article was updated on February 14th, 2013. Discontinued themes and plugins have been removed.

If you are still developing your website, you should consider adding a temporary page for visitors to inform them that your website will be coming soon.

This is a great way of letting visitors when your site is launching and it also allows you to collect email addresses for a newsletter list too (i.e. add your name and email here to be more details of our launch). Another benefit of of an under construction landing page is that it stops people looking around your site whilst it is incomplete.

Today I will show you 10 WordPress themes and 4 WordPress plugins which let you quickly and easily add a coming soon message for visitors.

These themes are suitable for:

  • Launching a new website
  • Domain name parking
  • Leaving a message for visitors when performing site maintenance
  • Landing pages

If you know of a theme or plugin which has not been included in this article, please feel free to share it with others in the comment area :)

10 Under Construction WordPress Themes

1. Tempskin

Tempskin WordPress Theme

Info & Download

2. Changing Room

Changing Room WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

3. Under Construction Theme

Under Construction WordPress Theme

Info & Download

4. WP Wrench

WP Wrench WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

5. Ready2Launch

Ready2Launch WordPress Theme

Info & Download

6. WP Launcher

WP Launcher WordPress Theme

Info & Download

7. Ice Breaker

Ice Breaker WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

8. WP Blueprint

WP Blueprint WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

9. Launchpad

Launchpad WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

10. Ignite
* Only available when you purchase the iThemes All Access Pass

Ignite WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

4 Under Construction WordPress Plugins

There are also some good plugins available for WordPress which allow you to add a temporary maintenance mode or coming soon message to visitors.

When you are logged into your site you will still be able to see your website as normal when these plugins are activated. Therefore you need to make sure you are logged out to see the maintenance message that visitors will see (Tip: load up your page up in a different browser to save you from having to log out and log back in).

1. Custom Coming Soon Pages

The Custom Coming Soon plugin from CSS Jockey gives you a huge amount of control over what your page is displayed.

Within the plugin you can change the favicon, logo, header and custom message. You can also add your Facebook, Twitter and RSS URLs.

Custom Coming Soon Pages WordPress Plugin

The background colour and image, SEO settings, email settings and launch date can be determined too.

Custom Coming Soon WordPress Plugin

In the comments area some people have reported some issues with the plugin though it seemed to work perfectly when I tested it.

A good plugin option in my opinion.

Info | Download

2. Maintenance Mode

Places a small splash page on your site when you need to turn your site off temporarily. The time and message can easily be activated in the settings area.

Maintenance Mode WordPress Plugin

The plugin also allows you to grant access to certain user levels such as authors, contributors and subscribers.

Maintenance Mode WordPress Plugin

Maintenance Mode is quite basic so it’s not a good option for domain parking or launching a site, however it’s great if you need to temporarily shut off your site to visitors in order to fix something.


3. WP Maintenance Mode

Adds a temporary maintenance message to your blog for visitors. The default message is very basic though you can link to your own css stylesheet to improve things.

WP Maintenance Mode WordPress Plugin

The plugin also comes with 11 default designs which you can choose in the settings area.

WP Site Maintenance WordPress Plugin

Another great feature is the ability to exclude certain pages from the maintenance message. Very useful!

Info & Download

4. Site Maintenance

A simple plugin which shows a service unavailable message to visitors. It also adds a 503 Service Unavailable status code so that search engines won’t index this temporary message.

Site Maintenance WordPress Plugin

Info & Download

As always, thoughts and opinions about the themes and plugins in this list are more than welcome :) For more great WordPress themes see our complete theme directory.

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