WordPress Theme Usage Varies Among WPHub.com Readers

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Last week, we published a poll-type article asking our readers how many WordPress themes you currently use. The idea behind the poll question was to get a better idea of the overall makeup of our readership to see if there was a tendency toward mass theme usage on dozens of sites or a trend in the opposite direction. After one week has elapsed, we can inform our readers that there is no clear winner in our latest poll. According to the results, WPHub.com readers range from single site bloggers who use one theme for a specific purpose to firms that have a large client portfolio and incorporate more than 10 themes into their business plan.

Our Official Poll Results

With a total of 21 votes tallied, one-third of those who participated said that you currently use more than 10 WordPress Themes, which is an impressive percentage yet entirely understandable. The fact is that there are so many quality products out there on the market nowadays that it’s nearly impossible to select just ONE theme unless you’re a single site blogger with a very limited amount of time to research your options.

However, six votes were cast by readers who use 2-5 themes, while five were counted for individuals who are only using one thing at the present time. Three of our readers who took the time to fill out the questionnaire said they implement 6-10 templates.

Theme Usage Poll Results

A Closer Look At Two WordPress Themes

Being a programmer with a broad range of clients has its advantages when it comes to choosing a highly versatile product that can serve a number of business purposes or that perfect niche theme to take your event to the next level. Having had the privilege of reviewing a substantial amount of WP themes over the past year, I’ve come to rely on the ever-evolving marketplace to produce downloads that fit clients’ needs worldwide while also increasing functionality.

Harmony Theme Intro Elegant Themes

While you are reading this, Nick Roach over at Elegant Themes is most likely contemplating the best color palettes for his upcoming Harmony WordPress theme for musical artist fan site. If my guess is correct, the new product (which could become available to Elegant Themes subscribers as soon as this month) will include pages for Tour Dates, Album Cuts, Feedback, and plenty of widgetized areas; all configurable from the simple yet effective framework that ET customers have become accustomed to.

One of my favorite theme layouts comes from Exposé by StudioPress.com. This premium theme designed for portfolio sites has everything you need to successfully showcase your high quality photographic content to potential and returning clients.

Expose By StudioPress

There are a total of 6 layouts to choose from plus threaded comments and a one-time purchase fee of $79.95 for a premium download that runs on the popular Genesis Framework. Unlike many theme companies, StudioPress provides its customers with an all-access package for a one-time fee with no monthly recurring membership payments. This means that you can save $850 by purchasing the “Pro Plus All Themes Package” at a price of $349.95. StudioPress, at the time this article was written, has approximately four dozen themes in its catalog.

This Week’s WPHub.com Poll

If you haven’t had an opportunity to participate in this week’s poll yet, click on the following link to let us know How Long Have You Been Using WordPress?, and feel free to leave any comments as well.

So far, this week’s poll has 10 more votes, and we only published it yesterday; so we’re hoping for a large turnout on this one.

In the meantime, we’ll continue to bring our readers up to date information regarding WordPress News, Views, Tutorials, and Plugins through our enjoyment of working with and being a part of the growing WordPress Community.