A Quick Overview of your WordPress Configuration with WP System Health

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WP System Health is a free WordPress plugin which gives you an overview of your system and WordPress performance.

The plugin shows you information on:

  1. System – Basic server information and WordPress PHP memory utilization
  2. PHP – Most important PHP configuration values, that influence WordPress
  3. WordPress – Several configurable values and transport capabilities
  4. Translation – Shows all loaded and utilized language files
  5. Database – Current database utilization status
  6. The menu links to a page for each category. A lot of information is summarised but by clicking the ‘show detailed’ link you can expand the page to see the info in full.

    WordPress System Health WordPress Plugin

    One of the main purposes of the plugin is to highlight configuration issues and memory problems. In future the script will also analyse multi-site configurations.

    WordPress System Health WordPress Plugin

    The amount of memory you have used is also added to the footer of your admin area.

    WordPress System Health WordPress Plugin

    WordPress System Health is a quick way of checking a lot of useful information. You may also want to check out the ServerBuddy plugin as it shows a lot of similar stats.


    Link: WP System Health