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SlideShow Plugin is a premium plugin which lets you create professional looking slide shows in minutes. It’s a great way to showcase images on your home page or even in the about section of your site.


  • Images can be played in a loop
  • Images can be displayed in landscape or portrait mode
  • Music can be added to slide shows
  • Descriptions can be added to slides
  • Photo title automatically added to photos as the ALT tag

Slideshow Plugin Settings

After you have configured your slideshow you can add it to a blog post or template using the [slideshow id=”x”] shortcode. The end result is both beautiful and professional looking.

WordPress Slideshow Plugin


SlideShow is a great plugin for creating professional looking slide shows and albums with ease.

There is currently 60% off the usual price of the SlideShow plugin in June. A single site license costs $19.95, a multi site license site costs $34.95 (limited to 10 sites), whilst a developer license costs $59.95. The PHP source code is unencrypted in all licenses.

I encourage you to check it out if you are looking for a way to showcase images on your site.

Link: SlideShow Plugin