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Having your site or WordPress blog hijacked is not a pleasant experience. If hackers are successful, they can perform a complete wipe of all site content or even destroy important site files.

In order to better protect your site you can install certain security plugins to protect the internal content from outside sources. But keep in mind that while security plugins do help better protect the site, they will not completely prevent serious attacks. That is why a good habit to fall into is to routinely backup your WordPress content. If you don’t know how to do a full WordPress database backup, check out our related article here.

After you know how to backup your WordPress database it’s time to install those security plugins we were talking about. Heres a list of the most useful security plugins out there.

It should also be noted that the more plugins you have installed, the more vulnerable your site is to outside hackers- especially if the plugins and WordPress application is not up to date.

Bulletproof Security- This plugin protects the WordPress blog or site from XSS and SQL injection hacks.

Content Security Policy- This plugin will identify and suggest outside content for use in your blog or site, further protecting from certain injection attacks.

F-Secure Safe Links- This plugin protects your site visitors and readers better by displaying what links on your site are safe to navigate to. More specifically it checks outside links for security threats.

Login Lockdown- This plugin is designed to better protect your login page and information. Basically the plugin will record the source IP address connected to any failed login attempts. After several failed attempts the plugin blocks the related IP address ensuring forceful hackers or keylogging programs are rendered useless.

Ultimate Security Checker- This plugin gives your WordPress site or blog a letter grade on security measures. It provides a more visual way of finding out how safe your site really is.

WP Security Scan- This plugin will basically scan your hosted WordPress site or blog and identify any potential security risks or issues. After all risks are outlined the plugin then suggests potential fixes.

WordPress File Monitor- This plugin basically monitors your entire WordPress site and notifies you by e-mail of any changes being made to the site content and database.

For further information on the listed plugins including instructions on how install them see the related pages.

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  • Comment by TarekA

    Great post, and awesome security plugins.

    Also another tip, is to never use the default admin username, and always change it to something totally different.

    I created a quick video training, that I share some security tips, check it out ….


  • Comment by John Flower
    John Flower

    Great post. Thanks. Bulletproof is a pretty mean plugin.
    When I install WordPress, I place it in a different folder. Security through obscurity, I read somewhere. Also, setting file permissions is a must. I came across this great post about WordPress file permissions, but couldn’t find it again. Perhaps you could do a post about that.