Top 5 WordPress Plugins For Capturing Leads

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If you’ve attempted to make money online you probably already know that nothing converts sales and subscriptions quite so well as email. So obviously, the goal should be to utilize that tool as much as possible. You may have started your blog or business website with an email list but every day people are visiting your site whose emails you do not have. If they made their way to your site they are obviously somewhat interested. So follow up with them! Here are five plugins that can help.

1. Easy Sign Up

EasySignUp wordpress plugin

This plugin is pretty straight forward and simple. It’s only function is to collect names and emails. Once someone signs up using the two field form and hits send, a customizable email is automatically sent to them. Additionally, their name and email address are sent to you at an email address of your choice. You can then take that information and plug it into a crm or list you have hosted somewhere else.

2. What Would Seth Godin Do? (Not officially associated w/ Seth Godin)

What Would Seth Godin Do wordpress plugin

This plugin was created to implement an idea Seth Godin posted about which preaches the value of treating new and return visitors to your website differently. Once this plugin is installed, a new visitor to your site will see a small box above every post with a message along the lines of, “If you’re new here you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed, thanks for visiting!”. After five visits, the box disappears for that visitor. You can customize the settings and message, but you get the idea. Pretty cool right!?

3. Contact Form 7

ContactForm7 wordpress plugin

This plugin is SUPER popular for a good reason. It allows you to make all kinds of custom forms and manage them easily from your dash. It also supports the use of Ajax-powered submitting, CAPTCHA, Askiment spam filter and more.

4. Gravity Forms

GravityForms wordpress plugin

When researching this plugin I heard it referred to as the beefier paid version of Contact Form 7. It costs $39 (for starters) but man does it have everything you could want in a form builder. Plus, implementation is as easy as drag and drop form building that is extremely similar to creating a post in WordPress. And that’s just the tip of the ice-burg. Check out Kevins full review of Gravity Forms for more information.

5. PopUp Domination

PopUpDomination wordpress plugin

While I’m not a real big fan of pop-ups. And by that I mean I sort of hate them with a burning passion. I have to admit that this plugin achieves what I can only describe as the most bearable of pop-ups. I might even go so far as to say it’s a “classy popup”. The reason I’ve included it on my list here is because regardless of my personal feelings about popups, those things work like magic. This plugin allows you to create a well design, attractive popup message that prompts site visitors to sign up for your newsletter or even buy your new product.

Honorable Mentions: these two plugins made my honorable mentions list because they require you to use another service. Both Salesforce and Mailchip are great, but I wanted my top five to be tools that you can plugin and go. If you already have a Salesforce or Mailchimp account though, then these plugins are definitely for you.

WordPress-to-lead for Salesforce CRM – If you already have a salesforce account then you don’t need me to tell you how awesome of a CRM it is. Just imagine the power of salesforce combined with a simple contact form on your WordPress website. Makes you smile doesn’t it?

MailChimp List Subscribe Form – Using this plugin to sync your contact forms with Mailchimp is a smart move. MailChimp is awesome, free up to 2,000 emails, and on top of that it’s super easy to use.

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  • Comment by Constantin

    I can suggest another one, that works with Contact Form 7 and Gravity. It’s called 59sec.
    This wordpress plugin/service helps you answer new leads under 59 seconds, in order to boost conversion! And it really does!

    Why 59sec rocks? Because MIT and Kellogg did a study that shows answering in 30 minutes versus 5 minutes means 21 times less chances to close the sale.

    59sec does the notifications (via ios/android push notifications, email, site alert, etc), does the response time tracking and CRM lead management procedure.

    Really cool.

  • Comment by carl

    I have used only 2 of those plugins, but actually I am really satisfied with that, especially contact form 7 is one of the best, unfortunately there is no support of conditional fields.

  • Comment by AstonishingPost

     @maor Thanks Maor, I’ll fix that.

  • Comment by maor

    spelling alert! it’s Iceberg, not ice-burg.