WordPress Music For Bands And Performers

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Earlier this week, Design Engineer for Automattic Matt Wiebe posted about the release of WordPress Music on WordPress.com.

There are a number of features that make WordPress Music a solid winner for WP site owners. For one, there is a multi-track Music Player that allows your visitors to sample your newest releases or listen to an entire album cut with one click of their mouse or mobile device button. By using the Tour Dates function, you can list upcoming events and concerts and integrate them with Google Calendar so your fans will be able to keep up with their favorite band’s live performances.

Social and Music sharing are a breeze with WordPress Music, as you will be able to share your site updates with Facebook friends, Twitter followers, YouTube subscribers, plus fans who use Yahoo!, Tumblr, and Linkedin. Music embedding and sharing can be achieved from SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Spotify and others; not to mention that YouTube and Vimeo multimedia content can also be shared. By letting your loyal website users subscribe to your newsletter, you’ll be able to keep them in the loop on important event changes, new songs, band news, etc.

WordPress Music Features

Soundcheck And Debut Customizable Themes

There are two very nice, fully customizable themes that you can gain access to as a WordPress site owner or webmaster. Both have their own unique style while maintaining their overall functionality for domains that generate the majority of their content within the music industry. Soundcheck boasts a polished design that has a featured image at the top followed by a navigational area, which leads into the Upcoming Gigs, Latest Posts and Social Media widgets.

The page based Content Management System has everything you need to publish your own blog feed, create an album page, insert media news stories, and use the calendar tool for tour dates. Social Media icons are located in the footer region at the bottom right and give your visitors an easy way to sign up for email notifications or join any fan page on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Soundcheck Theme

The Debut theme on the other hand has a more traditional style that you would expect from a WordPress theme, with a logo and description area at the top left of each page followed by a top navigation bar with drop down menus for sub-categories. The featured content slider for Debut can be configured to rotate automatically, and/or you can opt to give your front-end users a method of manually controlling the slides by clicking on the arrow icons.

There is a blurbs section below the slider that is laid out in three columns and have small thumbnail images, titles and text excerpts that will lead into a full post when fans click on the linked material.

Debut Theme

WordPress Upgrades

In order to get the most out of WordPress Music, you will likely need to download and install a few upgrades, such as Extra Storage, Custom Domains and Custom Design.

If you want to show off your high quality photographic content (particularly of a concert, autograph signing, televised news story or live performance), you can do so by using the Tiled Galleries offered by WordPress. This will enable you to easily organize images and make them available to the public as soon as possible.

Buzz Generation

Since the original blog post was published on October 30th, nearly 400 bloggers have “Liked” the WordPress Music launch article, while the writeup itself has received 289 Tweets along with 79 Facebook Likes. Just one hour after the information was posted, user “BossTiger” replied that the concept is “really cool, i can use my guitar pro tracks import them to soundcloud and play along with WordPress.com, aint bad, WordPress is a place for dreamers ! ! !”

What are your thoughts on WordPress Music. Feel free to leave a comment and let us know if there are any premium WordPress themes that cover all the online needs of the modern day musician.