WordPress For iOS Update Offers New Push Notifications

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The new update for the WordPress application for iOS was released earlier this week, and is currently available at the iTunes App Store. WordPress for iOS allows for easy blog administration and maintenance from any iOS device, and is compatible with all versions 3.1 and newer. The latest update, dubbed Version 3.4 (released February 4th), adds an enormous amount of functionality that deals with Push Notifications, which were previously only available for new comments.

In order to operate the software, you will need to use it on an iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone using iOS 5.0 or later. The application comes fully optimized for the iPhone 5.

WordPress For iOS Version 3.4 Features

The new Push Notifications are extensive to say the least. While earlier tools only allowed website admins to receive prompts for new comments, the latest update informs you of just about everything that goes on involving your blog site while providing the ability to manage activities within one consolidated panel screen.

WordPress for iOS

The display – which is separate from your blog – lets you reply to comments and moderate them as well as pinging you on new notifications. Controls can be easily customized so you can choose which items you’d like to know about immediately and which ones can wait until you are actually viewing the WordPress Dashboard area. Direct access to the original post is included in order to grant the ability to zip to the comments that require attention.

Social media activities are also part of Version 3.4’s new features. As soon as you receive a new follower or like, the configuration can be programmed to notify. This keeps webmasters who use an iOS device in the loop live never before.

Mobile Device Focus

Before mobile devices caught on and became heavily used for the day-to-day operations of individuals and businesses alike, there weren’t many software applications that catered to those who use a touch screen to perform tasks other than dialing numbers. However, that has drastically changed in recent years as companies move in-line with the growing smart phone and tablet computer trend. Customers are demanding a portable means with which to conduct their business on the go without having to physically sit down at a desktop computer and be restricted to one location.

The number of premium WordPress themes that offer responsive design have surged, with many offering automatic content layout re-designing that recognizes the screen size of each visitor and formats the display accordingly. Thumb-scrolling and pinching are still widely used, but the need to constantly move text horizontally in order to get a complete idea of what is being published is quickly becoming obsolete.


The update file size is 5.8MB and comes in a number of languages other than English: Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Croatian, Dutch, French, Hebrew, German, Swedish, Turkish and more. Localization of software has played an important role in the worldwide growth of the WordPress open source platform, and is responsible for enabling native language websites in dozens of countries that do not recognize English as an official language.

According to the WordPress blog, several bugs have also been addressed in the newest release. The site posted that “users with multisite self-hosted blogs can now correctly view stats for sites they belong to (ticket #1528). A particularly nasty bug which resulted in the possibility of losing your offline drafts has also been fixed (ticket# 1545). A big thank you to everyone reporting issues, it’s been very helpful in finding these quirks and resolving them once and for all.”

The instant feedback available on forums has greatly enhanced programmers’ ability to identify and address issues quickly via shared knowledge bases and one-stop support ticket systems. If you are using WordPress on an iOS device, you can download Version 3.4 now and gain access to the new features.