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The focus on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablet computers has resulted in WordPress becoming highly popular for small screen users worldwide. Recently, the announcement that WordPress for iOS Version 3.9 is now available for download received more than 70 tweets and a total of 26 comments to date.

The update marks a major design shift for the software application which so many iOS users have become accustomed to. According to WordPress for iOS official website blogger Sendhil Panchadsaram, the latest release “is one of our largest app releases to date. This update is remarkable both for the significant changes we’ve introduced, and for the level of dedication it received from our hard-working team members.”

Tab Bar Navigation

Sidebar navigation has been a staple of the WordPress for iOS software, so it’s no surprise that a lot of attention is being given to the change. The reasons that navigation has been moved to a tab bar layout rather than the typical sidebar include updates to the Reader, Comments and Notifications sections as well as inline commenting that makes it easier than ever for iOS users to interact with articles and stories they have an opinion about. The editing of pages and posts has also received somewhat of an overhaul; making the switch to a tab bar navigation system all the more streamlined.

In the comments section, we were unable to find any user who was unhappy with the new design. Although a couple of bugs were reported (more on that later), there were no negative quotes on the new tab bar system.

User Feedback

In the official post, Panchadsaram stated that “our team has embraced the latest and greatest technologies that Apple has provided us with iOS 7 to deliver you the best app possible. Version 3.9 and future updates will require iOS 7. The app also includes several other changes. On top of various bug fixes and performance improvements, it now supports deep-linking from Twitter, and features an improved login screen. Be sure to try it out.”

Shortly after the update was posted, WordPress for iOS user EnjeuxEnergies commented that there were two bugs in the new software download:

“1- The link function to add an URL for a selected text does not work steady. We must chase the field on the interface. It’s not a funny game!…

2- The update function changes unexpectedly the original time of publication backward in the past, changing the order on the page. We must go to the Web site to edit and correct this. Not usefull…

Thanks a lot for the other new features! Hope these two bugs will be corrected soon as we publish 50 to 75 new articles a day!”

A few hours later, members of the WordPress for iOS development team replied that they were aware of the bugs and were addressing them in real time. Another user who goes by the name of Paul replied that he enjoyed “the upgrade and well done everyone on the hard work! Seems much quicker and I prefer the layout.” He was also seeking assistance on how to delete a self-hosted blog, and the instructions were provided to him within hours via the comments section.

Another commenter wrote, “I have also noticed weirdness with the Notifications tab whereby I will see something like ‘John Smith and 2 others liked your post Blah blah blah,’ but when I click on the notification the view only shows the first person to like it.” This bug was acknowledged by the WordPress for iOS staff, who has stated that the issue will be addressed in a future version.

For now, you can click on the following link to Download WordPress For iOS 3.9 directly from the iTunes App Store.

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  • Comment by Arafin Shaon
    Arafin Shaon

    Already updated to 3.9. Its much better than the previous version specially i liked the new interface. Its quite cool.

  • Comment by Josh Trenser
    Josh Trenser

    Folks, to be honest, I just cant imagine blogging on my iPhone. On the iPad yes, but not the other one.