WordPress For iOS Version 3.5 Now Available

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Those who use an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to work with WordPress websites will be happy to hear that WordPress for iOS Version 3.5 is now available for download directly from the iTunes App Store. The new application version was officially released Thursday and is 5.9MB in size. WordPress for iOS 3.5 can be downloaded in a variety of languages, including English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Polish, German, Italian, Hebrew, Dutch, Chinese, Croatian, and Swedish. It requires iOS 5.0 of later in order to function properly on your mobile device or tablet computer.

New Features

WordPress For iOS

The new version of WP for iOS comes with a number of new features that begin with the content editor. A blog post published Friday by Automattic site WPiPhone states, “We know that publishing your very best stuff is important, and you should be able to see what your post or page will look like before you publish. Now, in version 3.5 of WordPress for iOS, you can preview your drafts! Just tap the preview “eye” tab while drafting your post or page to see the post as it will appear on your WordPress site after you hit publish. If you have a responsive WordPress theme the preview will show what your post looks like on a mobile device.”

Due to how easy it is to install a responsive theme, most small-screen users who frequently manage WordPress sites will already have a theme in place that caters to mobile devices and tablet computers. By tapping the “eye” tab, your post will appear exactly as it would once published; allowing you to change image sizes, manipulate text and correct errors before going live with a story. Being able to view a real-size preview of your post drafts is a level of functionality that PC users have become accustomed to, but now this same tool can be enjoyed by those working with iOS.

Autosave Feature Plus Bug Fixes

WordPress for iOS Editor

Frequently creating and editing content is a task that can become quite involved; causing some to get extremely wrapped-up in getting just the right idea typed out while forgetting to continuously save progress. With the Autosave feature that comes with Version 3.5, your drafts and edits will be automatically saved locally as you work on them and will even store on your WordPress site provided your Internet connection is reliable. This addition can save an enormous amount of time and frustration in the long-run, especially if you are plagued by shaky internet service, frequent power outages, or a server crash. Whenever a draft is being edited, there will now be an “Autosaved ✓” notification that appears as you type.

There are plenty of bug fixes that were taken care of over the past few weeks as the launch of Version 3.5 for iOS approached. If you would like to obtain a complete list of what has been modified, you can view the changelog.

The development team is focusing its efforts on three main areas – Rich Text Editor, media management, and app sharing from third-party services – for the upcoming WordPress for iOS Version 3.6, which could be available as soon as April.

How To Update

Updating WordPress for iOS Version 3.5 is easy. You can visit the iTunes App Store directly and change to the latest version or simply accept the update prompt from your iOS device.

So far, there have been a couple of reported issues with the latest version that have been posted in the App Store comments section. User Highlandr9 stated that the new version does not run at all and is non-functional on his iOS device, while Levi Athan replied, “I would give this app 4 stars but your recent update has made this app completely unusable! Please fix and I’ll update my review.”

If you would like to find out more about how you can better manage WordPress sites from your iOS phone or tablet computer, visit WordPress for iOS.