WordPress for iOS Announces Weekly Dev Talks

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Late last month the blog over at WordPress for iOS posted this announcement:

Have you ever wonder what goes in to the planning of the iOS app? Would you like to be a fly on the wall or maybe even share your thoughts about the app and its future? Are you curious about what’s happening with WordPress apps on other platforms? If you answered “yes” then grab your trusty IRC client and head over to the #wordpress-mobile freenode channel Wednesday at 18:00 15:00 UTC and participate in a weekly app dev chat! We’ll plan the future roadmap for the iOS app, discuss which features to prioritize next, and maybe even chat about WordPress for Android, Blackberry, or Windows Phone (we’re crazy like that.)

This is your invitation! Hope to see you there!

This reminded me of a blog post I read over on Matt Mullenweg’s blog back in May about a radically simplified WordPress experience – specifically on mobile.

Here’s the key takeaway from that post:

Function reforms form, perpetually. As John Borthwick put beautifully today, “A tablet is an incredible device that you can put in front of babies or 95-year-olds and they know how to use it.” How we democratize publishing on that sort of platform will not and should not work like WordPress’ current dashboard does. It’s not a matter of a responsive stylesheet or incremental UX improvements, it’s re-imagining and radically simplifying what we currently do, thinking outside the box of wp-admin.

There are hints of this already happening in our iPhone and Android apps, but even though I’m thinking about this all the time I don’t have all the answers yet — that’s what makes it fun. WordPress is going to turn nine years old this Sunday and I’m as excited to wake up in the morning and work on it as I was the day we started. I think when we turn 10 in 2013 the ways people experience and publish with WordPress will be shorter, simpler, faster.

Personally, I’m REALLY looking forward to a radically simpler, better, and new mobile experience with WordPress. Right now, in my opinion at least, it’s sort of unbearable to blog from my iPhone on WordPress. My favorite mobile blogging app right now is tumblr. As far as a mobile blogging app nailing the functionality and user experience it’s normal web experience provides – there’s no one better right now. Unfortunately the kinds of sites/blogs I’m creating are just not best suited for Tumblr. I LOVE what’s possible with WordPress and I love how powerful, flexible, and community driven this platform is…I just want that to translate into mobile. So it’s exciting that Auttomatic and WordPress are sticking with their magic formula which closely involves their community and user base in key decisions about the future of their product.

What do you think? Are you excited about the future of WordPress mobile? Do you like the current app? Let us know what you think in the comments below.