WordPress For iOS 3.7 Now Available

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WordPress for iOS Version 3.7 has arrived with a number of new features for mobile device users. Among them, the native WordPress.com Reader is the most significant release. Officially released August 14th, the new software can be downloaded directly from the iTunes App Store. Specifically designed and fitted for devices such as the iPad and iPhone, Version 3.7 of WordPress for iOS makes a number of “under the hood” improvements while also adding new functionality.

Native WordPress.com Reader

Auttomattic blogger Eric said Thursday that the development team “first introduced the Reader in version 2.9 back in September of 2011. The original Reader was a hybrid approach — some native code wrapping what was essentially a webpage and lots of JavaScript. It served us well, but there were places where embracing a fully native experience offers better performance. Version 3.7 introduces a new Reader built with 100% native code. It’s very fast and beautiful to look at. What’s more, we’re already working to make it even better! Access the Reader from the sidebar while signed in with your WordPress.com account. Read stories from blogs you follow, posts you liked, as well as your favorite topics. Join the conversion by liking, reblogging, and commenting from within the Reader, and follow blogs you enjoy reading.”

The tool is highly convenient for WordPress.com subscribers who have a specific range of topics they would like to follow and discuss. The Reader is completely compatible with iOS touch screens and can quickly move to and fro with simple touches, thumb-scrolls or a pinch. The Options menu is easier to understand than ever, and a great way to view a large amount of content in a small time span while at the same time receiving a customized feed within the actual Reader.

Mobile Device Usage

Over the past three years as mobile devices has advanced in technology, WordPress.com users have consistently made more use of on the go applications that allow them to do much more than simply place and receive phone calls. Now more than ever, those who operate iPhones and iPads can administrate their own website, keep up with relevant news in real time, and blog from anywhere in the world with a reliable Internet connection.


What’s more, responsive WordPress themes had made it possible for even the most inexperienced webmasters to customize their site’s content to fit smaller screen sizes automatically without ever having to go into the Editor and manipulate code. The invention of responsive themes has added a significant amount of value to premium products by providing pre-designed templates to website owners and allowing them to customize them and enter content via easy to grasp controls that require only a rudimentary understanding of data entry.

Management Of Accounts

The official WordPress.com blog post added that the team has “streamlined how the app manages your credentials and handles authentication with a new accounts system. The improvements are all under-the-hood, so visually, there’s nothing to see there. You will notice the app doing a better job connecting to multiple services including your blog, Jetpack, the Reader, and notification features.”

Apple has already announced the future arrival of iOS Version 7 that is schedules to be released later this year. Once that update is available to the public, WordPress for iOS will correspondingly release a new update that will include improvements to media as well as a new themes management feature.

User feedback has so far been positive for the newest update to WordPress for iOS. However, there were a couple of complaints related to a crash on the iPad 4 along with the View Admin panel opening in Safari inside the actual application.