WordPress Designer Magazine to Lauch August 2012

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Here at WPHub we spend quite a bit of time looking for news-worthy tidbits to tell you about. We source a multitude of different sites for news and we check them daily because the WordPress environment is constantly changing. While the hunt for WP news on the interwebs has its thrills, sometimes we crave the option of sitting down with a meaty publication that’s all WordPress all the time. Well that time has come. The first-ever WordPress focused magazine is set to launch on the iPad’s Newsstand this August.

WordPress Designer Magazine “is a carefully crafted collection of tips, tricks, interviews, case studies and latest news, all designed to help you do your WP business better.” The first edition of the magazine will be free, but moving forward it will be a paid subscription. The WPDM team is working towards an August 17th deadline for editorial content to be ready for the first edition.

According to its website, the magazine has been created for the growing millions of those who use the WP platform as a business tool. Regular features will include:

  • WP themes
  • Plugins
  • WP news and interviews
  • Business strategies
  • Case studies
  • CSS
  • Digital marketing and SEO

Newsstand is the chosen distribution channel simply because the iPad is the fastest selling electronic device of all time, and the Newsstand app appears on the home screen of each and every one sold, making iPad users a captive audience.

Who do we have to thank for this development? The brains behind this endeavor belong to Kevin Sinfield on the technical side and Elisa Tidswell on the , public relations, copywriting and marketing side. Sinfield is founder of Ultimate Website Design, based in Essex, UK, a comprehensive website development services company. He is also the founder of wpvideotuts.com which provide free online tutorials about WordPress. Tidswell is an Account Manager with PrettyGood PR, a specialist technical PR agency. Tidswell is a professional copy writer, communications expert and events manager, heads up the agency’s digital marketing division and manages its online media and video campaigns.

One of the best things about new publications is that they need contributors. If you want to contribute news, ideas, feature articles, reviews, videos, anything to the magazine they are looking for content. As a WPDM contributor, you can appear in written, video, podcast and even seminar format in the magazine while receiving a live link to your relevant website/s and social media. Just contact them via their website for more information.

You can follow the magazine’s tweets under the handle @WPDmagazine; other than that, there isn’t much more information available about what’s coming in the first issue. What do you think? Will you check out the first issue to see what it’s about, or are you all in, and want a subscription right now? Leave us your comments below.

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  • Comment by Chris

    It’s not the “first-ever WordPress focussed magazine”. WPCandy Quarterly volume 1 was released in January in digital and print formats. http://wpcandy.com/quarterly.

    That said, I’m eager to see more WP-specific magazines and publications.

  • Comment by Keely

    Sounds interesting. As an aside, the website wpvideotuts.com is sending me to http://wpvideotuts.com/cgi-sys/suspendedpage.cgi

  • Comment by Özgür

    Looking forward to it.