The Only WP Contact Form Plugins You’ll Need

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Truth be told, there aren’t many contact form plugins around the internet that are worth looking into. In my experience, either they work… or they don’t, and most of them… don’t.

This has lead me to become a Contact Form plugin snob, and thus I only use one plugin across all my WordPress blogs.

I used to use cForms, which was a great plugin, but there was some major plugin drama surrounding the licensing, and it scared me enough that I ran right into the arms of this plugin:

Enhanced WP Contact Form

This baby is a-ok. I’ve not had any issues with it since its installation. In fact, I had to double-check the name because it’s so functional that I can safely forget it’s activated. I have blogs in a field that doesn’t experience a lot of traffic near the contact form, as my readers mostly own their own blogs and would love any opportunity to link from my comments, so if you’re looking for an ultra-basic contact form that definitely will allow your readers to contact you without using their email, then this will do just fine.

In case you’re looking for something a bit more functional and fancy, here are a couple more options:

Fast and Secure Contact Form

This plugin allows the sender to select from a drop-down menu of recipients – Webmaster, Editor, and Advertising would be good options – and allows them to define their own subject line as opposed to Enhanced WP Comment Form which labels all messages “Contact Form Submission”. Fast and Secure Comment Form also has CAPTCHA and Akismet support, and customizable CSS/HTML.

Contact Form 7

This is a sexy plugin because it literally allows you to define everything on your own terms from a very WSYSIWYG interface. You can choose how many fields you’d like in each form, as well as their title, and/or radio buttons for selection. It also has CAPTCHA and Akismet support, and customizable CSS. Even better: this plugin has the ability to translate. I told you it was sexy!

Comments (18)

  • Comment by Indobisnis

    useful plugins and recommended for wordpress users.

  • Comment by Giannis

    Have a look at blue captcha plugin.

  • Comment by Ivan

    Just installed the Contact Form 7 and wanted to add that it requires the Really Simple Captcha plug-in as well.

    That said, it looks like a solid plug-in. Thanks!


  • Comment by Peter

    Gravity forms really shouldn’t be there. They charge for what others offer for free. Contact form 7 to database plugin should though as an addon to CF7.
    With it added you have all the functionality of gravity forms in terms of exporting, but it’s free.

  • Comment by Sam

    WP Contact Form works fine for me. I think this plugin should be listed, simple but easy to use. Thanks!

  • Comment by Sharon Miranda
    Sharon Miranda

    I have tested every high functional contact form I could find for WordPress, which means, data saved to database with admin interface and editing capability and file uploads. –Contact Form 7 needs the database extension plugin but that does not allow for editing. –Gravatar stops saving after around 60 fields created in the form. Plus I could not find any way to simply code the form, forcing one to use very slow user friendly bells/whistles.
    –MM Forms has very poor support even for issues of the software itself. Has all kinds of programmatical issues. Otherwise it would fit the bill except there is no search function for the data interface.
    –Formidable forms… Honestly I’m afraid to try. With several days of failed tests, I am ready to give up.

  • Comment by Delton

    i read so much about it that i had to check out gravity forms! Looks like a win to me! I’m the type of developer that needs the full package though… that $39 personal install doesn’t seem any better than the free solutions already available on WP.

  • Comment by Daniel "Website Designer" Iser
    Daniel "Website Designer" Iser

    We just released a new plugin that you might find useful. It allows the blog owner to easily create modal popup windows with just about any content including wp shortcodes.It works out of the box with Contact-Form-7 Custom Forms using Ajax validation and submission.Modal windows are a great marketing strategy and our ideas for future updates will allow for multiple modals as well as allowing to load the window on page load. . Easy Modal on WordPress.orgEasy Modal Plugin Page – Info, Demo & Discussion

  • Comment by Wayne Lambert
    Wayne Lambert

    OK, this is a premium plugin, but not sure why WP Gravity Forms hasn’t got a mention here.

    By the look of the features of the other plugins, WP Gravity Forms wins hands down, although I admit it does take an investment. :)


  • Comment by Camera Flashes
    Camera Flashes

    Thanks for these reviews. Given the comments, Contact Form 7 will be my decision to use.


  • Comment by Matt Rhys-Davies
    Matt Rhys-Davies

    Contact Form 7 for me – no need for anything else…

  • Comment by erms

    Just a question, which plugin is this follow Me, its a very nice one.

  • Comment by Brett Widmann
    Brett Widmann

    This is true. A lot of plugins do not work well but these look really nice!

  • Comment by Diana

    That´s true! I tried a lot of plugins and most of them are bad coded or even works.

  • Comment by Nirose

    This plugin is great but its sending ads with the mail it sends. Thats very un cool.

  • Comment by Peter

    contact form 7 is really the best see how it make my site complete

  • Comment by Ashutosh

    I have tried cforms and some others which i don’t remember. Contact Form 7 is the best…

  • Comment by CJ

    Gravity contact form plugin should be here.

    Great list though :-)