WordPress.com Tutorial Site Receives Facelift

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WordPress.com representative Cheri Lucas announced Thursday that the company is unveiling a new look for its official tutorial website, Learn.WordPress.com. The site offers tabbed, outlined parameters for getting started using WordPress, including 12 individual sections ranging from how to get the most out of the platform to getting a homepage.

WordPress.com Tutorial Website

In the March 14th blog post, Lucas writes “New to WordPress.com and don’t know where to start? Looking for just the right theme, or wondering how to use all the features in your dashboard? Interested in creating a website, not a blog? Or perhaps you’re ready to do more on your site, from adding image galleries to using built-in tools to connect with the community — and the world.”

Tutorial Sections

A load of new content has been added to the Learn.WordPress.com website, beginning with a tutorial on how to configure basic settings. For someone who is interested in starting up a blog but is completely unfamiliar with the WordPress platform, this section is extremely useful and can get non-programmers up to speed in no time. A separate page is dedicated to navigating your way around the Dashboard, which is where much of a beginning webmaster’s time will be spent as he/she becomes familiar with functionality such as post types, custom page templates, linking, advertising, spam protection and security.

With as much back-end coding work that has gone into WordPress, even individuals who have never worked as an Administrator on a website can learn the ropes and start publishing content instantly. There is also a section for choosing the correct theme for your WordPress site, which is a key process that will affect how your visitors view your content. Publishing and organizing content is also vitally important, as is using multimedia. Several themes offered by WordPress.com come with the ability to embed videos from sites such as YouTube and Vimeo, plus there are other themes that have their very own video player so you can upload your vids directly.

Social Media Integration

An entire section is devoted to making the most out of social media, which new WordPress users will definitely want to do in order to increase traffic and readership. Getting your blog out in the open can be more easily achieved through sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others. This can go a long way toward increasing awareness and, if your content is top-notch, social media shares could skyrocket.

Finally, a tutorial bulletin has been created for mobile devices and blogging on the go, which has grown exponentially in popularity now that so many people are using smart phones and tablet computers to surf the Internet. Basically, you can publish content from anywhere in the world as long as you have an Internet connection, so the convenience of owning and maintaining a blog have really improved since 2010.

Tutorial Activities

In addition to the 12 step approach for learning how to use WordPress, the new tutorial site has several fun activities scattered throughout that will allow new webmasters to put their new skills to use. This is an interactive method for practicing what one has learned without the pressure of having to implement it immediately on a self-owned website.

To get in touch with the WordPress.com team, visitors can submit comments via the Feedback Form and can also visit the Support Center for timely responses to all questions concerning WordPress.

A complete Glossary of Terms is included within the tutorial, so newbies won’t feel out of place when faced with new vocabulary that deals with configuring and publishing on a WordPress blog site.

To view more information about Learn.WordPress.com, click on the following link to go directly to the March 14th blog post.