WordPress.com Makes Improvements To “Publicize” Plugin

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For WordPress website owners who have become accustomed to using the popular Publicize tool for social media sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Yahoo!, and Linkedin, you’ll be happy to learn that the plugin has now been improved with more sharing ability which will require less work in the long run.

Code Wrangler Tim Moore posted on WordPress.com Friday that the staff has been working diligently on increasing the functionality and making changes to Publicize. “Publicize has only allowed you to connect to one account from another social network at a time. That makes it difficult if you want to post to two Twitter accounts or multiple Tumblogs. Today, we’re changing that. You are now able to connect to as many accounts at each service as you like,” Tim wrote.

Connection Sharing And Image Upload Process Improvements

WordPress Publicize Social Media

Moore went on to state that “Publicize can now also share connections between users of a blog, rather than needing each user to make their own connection to each social media service. When you initially make the connection, you will be asked whether you want to share it or not. If you do, all users who publish on your blog will be able to use that Publicize connection.”

Finally, the blog post added that the team has “also updated our image upload process when you Publicize to Facebook. Your images are now uploaded at a higher quality and are uploaded into an organized album in your Facebook account when you use Publicize.”

These changes will undoubtedly enhance the user-friendly aspect of an already highly useful social sharing tool.

User Feedback

Just moments after the blog post was published, a user who goes by the name of Natasha replied, “This is a great update. Thank you for continuing to improve WordPress!” Fellow user “Iceman” added, “WOW! This is really awesome! I have long waited for this feature to divulge my articles on the twitter account of my blog, and in my personal account on facebook as well. A great and very helpful update without doubt! Congratulations, Tim! Nice work as always! :)”

The Publicize option is built into WordPress and requires no additional download to use.

The importance of social media sharing has increased exponentially since the dawn of Facebook and Twitter; which allow users to generate home-grown news feeds for their friends and followers in real-time.

Setup Process

On the official Publicize Support page, a step-by-step instruction layout is provided for WordPress users who wish to make use of this application. The process is slightly different for the various social media sites, so if you are just beginning to use WordPress you will need to go through the manual and setup your configuration for each of the sites you have an account on.

Once you have done so, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of easier sharing.

There are several bulletin points that WordPress.com gives when using this tool. First, “if you schedule a post, it will not be Publicized until it is actually published. You must still be connected to an external service at publish time for Publicize to work.”

The guide also reminds users that “saving a post as a Draft will not Publicize it. Static pages will not be Publicized. After connecting/re-connecting the services, you will need to publish a new post in order to publicize it.”

If you see the message “Error – See Support” after connecting to Facebook, there is most likely a problem with the Facebook account being used. Facebook Pages are the only ones that have an associated Profile can be used with Publicize. You will need to follow the Reconnecting Facebook steps and connect to a Facebook Profile that has administrative rights to the page.