WordPress.com Introduces Trvl Blog Theme

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On Thursday, WordPress.com introduced its latest theme for WordPress sites: Trvl. Designed by Danny Cohen, the theme’s main goal is to place your website’s posts as the main priority and display them prominently for all readers to see. Trvl supports eight post formats, including Aside, Gallery, Quote, Link, Image, Audio, Video and Status. It also comes with a widgetized region within the footer area to give webmasters the ability to provide one click access to calendars, recent comments, archives, and more.

Trvl’s main column width is 690 pixels with a header image size of 950 x 250. You can easily add a personal touch to your WordPress site by uploading your own header image and using it by simply saving it to the back end.

Unique Menu

With posts designated as the main priority for the Trvl theme, the navigation menu has been moved all the way to the bottom (just above the widgetized footer area). This is done to make room for your site’s header image and allow it to lead directly into your material. This unique menu format takes readers to your very first posts and also enhances post types quite a bit because there is no navigation menu that visitors would normally see when they first arrive on your homepage.

Trvl Theme Homepage

If you scroll down to the actual footer region, you’ll see a traditional navigation bar. Text colors can be chosen by the webmaster for the purpose of separating it from the rest of your posts that are listed above as well as the widgets you insert.

Trvl Footer

The blog owner will also be able to create an “About” page for relaying additional info that pertains to the website, as well as insert elements into posts through shortcodes that can perform tasks such as creating columned text, placing captions below images, and organizing lists.

Responsive Layout

Trvl Responsive Design

The Trvl theme by Danny Cohen has been programmed to include a completely responsive design that allows it to immediately adjust to all screen sizes, large and small. In today’s environment, almost every WordPress website owner has become aware of the need to cater to a growing smart phone and tablet computer market by ensuring content can be easily reformatted to fit small screen sizes that are standard with the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Nokia Lumia, Blackberry, iPad, Google Nexus, Sony Xperia and similar devices.

Without ever having to go in and work with code, the website owner who activates the Trvl theme will be able to accommodate these small screen visitors effortlessly and prevent the need to constantly thumb scroll and pinch in order to view the full horizontal realm of a given page. This doesn’t mean that large desktop monitors will notice anything different; simply that mobile devices will receive a customized view that is specifically optimized for their phone or tablet. This in turn makes the probability that an on the go reader will remain on your website a lot higher when compared to a non responsive layout.

Trvl Summary

Through the use of eight post formats, it is easily to distinguish each entry from the previous one and set aside formats for your material in order to separate it while also enhancing each post. Publish text, photos, video, music, quotes, and a lot more – all from an intuitive back end Dashboard that is easy to grasp and manage.

If you would like to use the Trvl theme and are currently a WordPress.com customer, you can go to the Appearance > Themes tab from your Dashboard and activate the theme directly. Otherwise, you can check out more information on the theme by visiting the Trvl Theme Page. You can also take a look at the Trvl Live Demo here.