WordPress.com Hotels Offers Online Booking And More

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Imagine you own a hotel or multiple-family rental property and wish to increase your guest book by promoting services online. Or better yet, what if you are currently responsible for overall design of a WordPress website that is in desperate need of attracting new lodgers and maintaining those who have already enjoyed a stay at a selected property? For many hoteliers, the reality of catering to an ever-increasing number of navigating customers means that online promotion is a must have for those who wish to stay ahead of the curve. Luckily, there are premium services available such as the features offered by WordPress.com Hotels which give webmasters full control of how they promote everything from online booking to amenities and room rates.

Premium WordPress themes that specialize in online hotel promotion are plentiful in today’s age. As a matter of fact, we currently promote Hermes Themes for clients who wish to get the most out of their online booking potential with pre-packaged downloads that include seamless back-end controls along with a multitude of customizable modules for getting guests in the door.

WordPress.com Hotels

WordPress.com Hotels

In an April 22nd blog post Automattic’s Michael Cain wrote, “If you want to promote your hotel, inn, or bed & breakfast with a stylish and functional website that looks and works great on mobile devices, look no further than WordPress.com/hotels. You’ve worked hard to create a comfortable home-away-from-home for your guests, and now, we can set you up with an online home to help keep your “No Vacancy” light burning brightly. WordPress.com makes it easy to get your website up and running, and keep it secure, making housekeeping a breeze — saving you time you can now spend with your guests.”

WordPress.com Hotels Responsive

When Cain refers to how your website can look great on small screen devices, he’s alluding to the fact that products marketed by WordPress.com Hotels are fully responsive and will automatically adjust your site’s content to fit the screen size of an iPad, Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberry, Android as well as other similar smart phones and tablet computers. Best of all, this can be achieved without the website owner ever having to go into the Editor and work with code. This service by WordPress.com comes included in the standard pricing plan, plus there are other subscription options available for companies who wish to have trained and qualified programming talent on the job at all times.

Hotel Website Features

With a premium hotel theme for WordPress websites, you or your webmaster will be able to easily manipulate content from the back-end Control Panel and decide precisely which layout, design and widgets are suitable for your business. Basically the bulk of one’s work will be dedicated to actual content generation, as the vast majority of technical tasks have already been done for you.

WordPress.com Hotels Blurbs

Configure your WordPress site’s homepage to display “Blurbs” in a variety of layouts which can serve as an attractive way to keep visitors interested while they browse through your quality property photos and look at what previous guests had to say via a Testimonials page template.

Thanks to the versatility that comes with many WordPress themes in 2013, you can use hotel themes not only for large properties but also for “Mom and Pop” Bed & Breakfast rentals that could enjoy a wave of prosperity once they are correctly marketed online through a sleek design and well planned content strategy.

Flexible controls mean that one’s imagination is the only limit when it comes to how your website is programmed to appear to the front-end visitor. To find out more about this premium service, visit WordPress.com.