WordPress.com Adds Two New Themes: Full Frame And Ryu

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WordPress.com, a subsidiary of Automattic, announced Thursday the release of two new themes for its users: Full Frame and Ryu. Philip Authur Moore posted a news article related to the company’s latest releases on March 28th and said, “Image lovers and creative bloggers unite! Two new themes have launched today that I think you all will absolutely go gaga over. Full Frame, designed and developed by Graph Paper Press, is a single column, full-width theme for showcasing your beautiful images, galleries, and videos from edge to edge. It’s responsive and adapts to different screen sizes so that your website will work (and be optimized for) iPhones, iPads, Android and other mobile devices. Full Frame also removes unnecessary clutter and puts the spotlight on your content.”

Full Frame Features

Full Frame

As you scroll down the homepage of Full Frame while viewing its Live Demo, you’ll notice that entries are stacked on top of each other in a beautifully laid-out single column design that allows for text to go alongside your photos. Front-end users can simply click on the title to go through to the full post, which will feature another version of the large image along with any text and comments.

Full Frame The Hunt

The Tiled Galleries are a significant part of the Full Frame theme, and allow webmasters to insert a group of photos that can be displayed on the homepage and as separate entities. Once again, a publication date and title are shown on the homepage. When the title is clicked on, users are whisked away to a full post where all the images can be seen along with any corresponding text.

Full Frame Tiled Gallery

Moore writes that Full Frame “offers text options that give you maximum creative control over the presentation of your post titles, as well as support for six post formats. Each post format further alters the way the post is displayed so you can present images, galleries, videos, and quotes in powerful, unique ways.”

Because Full Frame is a premium upgrade, it will need to be purchased (Price: $75) before it can be used on your WordPress website.

Ryu Blogging Theme

The next release is called Ryu, which is a personal blogging theme designed by Automattic’s Takashi Irie that is both clean and organized.

Ryu Homepage

One look at the Ryu Live Demo Page and you will notice that it begins with a circular thumbnail image of the main author/owner that can be used to give an introduction either for the actual site content or its featured blogger.

From there, the very first post is listed with a very large image, title, author, post type, etc. Due to the various Post Formats that come with Ryu (Standard, Aside, Gallery, Video, Quote and Image), you can easily decide which to use from the back-end and give your readers a wide variety of content to browse from the homepage. Clicking anywhere on the featured image or title will take readers through to the full entry.

Responsive Design

Both Full Frame and Ryu come with a 100% responsive design; meaning you can use these themes on your website and have them automatically adjust the size and layout of your content in accordance to the screen size of each front-end user.

Ryu Responsive Design

All you have to do is install, and the theme will do the rest for you. This is ideal if you’re a blogger or photographer who is anticipating a large percentage of mobile device and tablet computer readers. The responsive layout is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Samsung Galaxy, Blackberry, Android and practically any screen size.

To find out more about the latest offerings from WordPress.com, visit the March 28th blog post written by Philip Authur Moore.

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  • Comment by Viv

    I’ve picked Ryu and loved the theme, it’s so clean and elegant, one problem thou is that I don’t know which part of the setting i had messed with but that small colume on the right of the main text disappeared!!! and instead of having a round header (which is usually the blog owner’s picture) became a square instead of sphere :( how do i fix it? :(