WordPress.com Extension For Firefox

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Earlier this year, Automattic subsidiary WordPress.com released an extension for Google Chrome users which allowed real-time updated information to be displayed within the user’s browser. Now, an extension has been made available for those who browse from Firefox.

The WordPress.com Extension For Firefox notifies you the moment you receive a new follower, like, or comment on one of your posts through a small advisory icon within Firefox.

Firefox Extension Notification

One click of the icon will take you to a section that displays all your latest WordPress notifications.

Blog Following Made Easy

Thanks to the new extension, Firefox users can now follow websites through a WordPress.com account without having to actually visit WordPress.com. This is achieved through a “Follow” button that appears for any site that has an RSS feed. This alone will make it extremely convenient to add a new blog to your follow list with just one click of your mouse or mobile device button.

Firefox Extension Blog Follow

By enabling the “follow” option, new posts will be tacked on to your reader, plus the settings can be configured to send an email for each update occurrence. The extension’s icon will change its color to blue as soon as your browsers enters a domain that is a WordPress site, but this won’t restrict you from following blogs on other services such as Tumblr and Blogger.

Press This Pop-Up Feature

The Press This feature is a one-click method for easily posting things that you come across while browsing. Again, there is no need to visit the actual WordPress.com site to perform this action. All you have to do is click on the WordPress Extension icon, then choose “Press This” when you encounter sharable content on the Internet that you’d like to publish.

A pop-up Editor will appear, which allows you to make a quick publication post on your own blog by choosing from the simple options within the Editor. You can use this function to post videos, photos, links, quotes, or to write a post. At the bottom of the Editor, you will find boxes for adding tags and publishing the content.

Press This Editor

By highlighting text with your cursor before you hit “Press This,” you can ensure that a text excerpt is published alongside your link. The extension truly does the brunt of the work for you and allows Firefox users to rapidly get content up and running with a number of shortcuts that are custom built for the sake of simplicity.

User Reviews

This extension was released earlier this month, and so far has over 1,700 users. There are three Star Ratings that have been uploaded to the official WordPress.com site as of today, with all three reviewers giving the extension 5 Out Of 5 Stars.

User “Immie21″ says the extension is a “must have,” adding that it “tells you how many notifications you have. All you do is click on it and down comes a screen with what the notification is whether a new follower, a Like, a comment or a comment reply. I know that WP has come on leaps and bounds of late but I still feel this is an invaluable extension to alert me to activity when I’m not on a WP site. One of the best extensions I have x:)”

Another reviewer who goes by “ranh” added that you can get “your WordPress.com notifications and quickly post to your WordPress.com blog from wherever you are. Very convenient.”

Since November 16th, the overall feedback has been positive, with many comments either thanking WordPress.com for the extension or inquiring about when a similar extension for the Safari browser will become available. One thing is for sure, the new WordPress.com Firefox Extension reduces time spent sharing and following blogs, and allows you to dedicate more of your time on other tasks or leisure activities.