WordPress.com Business Solution Now Available

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WordPress.com has positioned itself as one of the most sought-after sources for WordPress themes, plugins, and services. In a blog post published Tuesday by Automattic representative Ran Yaniv Hartstein, the company announced that its Business Solutions upgrade is now available.

The service is designed for growing businesses and comes with the Pro Bundle already included. Domain name registration, No Ads, 10GB extra storage space, custom fonts, along with the ability to upload HD videos to your blog comprise the Bundle upgrade.

WordPress.com Business

WordPress.com Business

However, WordPress.com Business goes further. Hartstein asks readers in his most recent entry, “Are you a small business owner who wants an interactive website with demo videos? A pro blogger who wants to try out a bunch of premium themes before committing? A non-profit building its first website, and in need of a little extra support? Say goodbye to sky-high web development costs and hello to WordPress.com Business. Our users already know how easy it is to build great websites on WordPress.com: we’re flexible, powerful, and scale along with you. WordPress.com Business makes it even easier to build a site that supports your growing business long-term by giving you every tool you need up front and for only $299/year.”

Those tools include live support provided by friendly staff (Monday thru Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm Eastern Time), which grants businesses an opportunity to receive one-on-one assistance from qualified individuals. Unlimited premium themes are also part of the deal, which is excellent for companies that wish to try out several (or dozens) of templates in order to get just the right fit for their corporate needs, plus there is the unlimited storage aspect. This enables the website owner to publish a massive amount of hi-definition video content without having to embed from services such as YouTube and Vimeo.

This is all in addition to the free tools already available to WordPress.com users such as one-click social network integration, security, and mobile applications.

Custom Design

Once customers have chosen a theme for their WordPress website, they can use Custom Design to add custom fonts, color palettes, and take over complete control of the front-end product via the Editor.

WordPress.com Themes

The choices include background patterns, built-in contrast rules (that will ensure your text is easily readable, along with the CSS Editor with CSS3 support. Hartstein informs users that they will have an “unlimited choice from our collection of free and premium themes, which include themes designed for specific users like restaurants, musicians, or magazines as well as elegant, flexible themes suitable for a variety of sites. Try one premium theme, or try them all. All our current premium themes and every premium theme we will ever launch will be available to you for no extra cost, and you can switch between them at will.”

Increased Focus On Business Goals

Because the premium service offered by WordPress.com takes care of so many development and maintenance concerns that website owners are traditionally faced with, contracting the program enables company executives to focus on what matters most: running a business. Content generation can make or break any website, and having your development solutions taken care of beforehand will inevitably free up time that can be used on quality articles, sales staff, etc.

If you’re looking for personal email support, a wide range of premium themes and unlimited storage for your online business website, the WordPress.com Business could be a very viable solution. The subscription price to this service is currently $299 per year, with the option for renewal at the end of each 12-month cycle.

To find out more about the WordPress.com Business upgrade, visit WordPress.com.