WordPress.com Adds Free Themes: Book Lite And Misty Lake

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On Thursday, WordPress.com representative Michelle Langston posted a blog entry outlining the two newest free themes that are now available for download: Book Lite and Misty Lake. The two new additions mark the company’s 206th and 207th downloadable templates.

A Look At Book Lite

The Book Lite free WordPress template is billed as a “beautifully designed theme inspired by old-fashioned typography. With a bold custom header, stylized type, featured header images, and elegantly simple design, it’s certain to inspire some of your best work.” This one column, responsive theme comes with customer colors, header, background, menu, featured images, infinite scroll, several post formats, and was designed by Chandra Maharzan.

Book Lite WordPress Theme

Book Lite offers a “sleeve” effect for the featured image in which the actual content of your website will gradually scroll over the photograph. You can place a title and description text to appear within the image itself, plus the logo and navigation area are located in their normal slots to ensure quick and easy access to all your important pages through the Content Management System.

There are three footer widgets that can be programmed in by going directly to the Appearance -> Widgets tab from your Admin panel. To find out more about this template, click on the following link to view the Book Lite Demo.

Misty Lake Theme

The Misty Lake page on WordPress.com describes the theme as a “mellow color scheme and non-central elements on the page that fade into the “mist” when they’re not the main focal point, Misty Lake provides a tranquil space for your readers to relax and enjoy your words and photos.”

Just like its co-promoted free product, Misty Lake is a responsive download with a one column layout, but also adds a sidebar and two column layout option to the mix. Custom colors, background, header, menu, featured images, infinite scroll, post formats and a sticky post are just some of the options you will have at your fingertips when using Misty Lake from the back-end.

Misty Lake WordPress Theme

“Misty Lake features one drop-down navigation menu in the header. It will display your Pages by default, but you can assign a custom menu to the Primary Menu area under Appearance → Menus. Note: The tabbed menu interface looks best with a smaller number of menu items,” according to the product page.

You can access all of Misty Lake’s options through the WP Control Panel and manage what your visitors will see without ever having to actually go in and manipulate code. The sidebar is especially useful for inserting widgets such as calendars, recent posts and comments, categories, Flickr photos, etc. There is no footer region, so you will need to use the sidebar for any widgets you wish to make available on your site when using this theme.

You can use shortcodes to publish lists, sort images on the front-end, format text, create tables, block quotes and much more. Also, the responsive design means that your readers will be able to get the most out of your content through the customized view they’ll receive when browsing from a mobile device or tablet computer. If you want to find out more about Misty Lake, view its Demo Page here.


Both Book Like and Misty Lake are compatible with the latest version of WordPress (3.5 – Elvin) and will work on popular web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome.

Themes offered by WordPress.com come with timely support and a well traveled forum along with additional resources to make the transition a pain free process even for those who have little to no experience working on the WordPress platform.

If you’re looking for a free theme to use on your WordPress website, check out Book Lite and Misty Lake by WordPress.com.