WordPress.com Bloggers Will Soon Be Able To Place Ads On Their Blogs

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In my opinion, the hosted service WordPress.com is much better than it’s main alternative Blogger (from Google). Blogger has however always had one main advantage over the WordPress.com – the ability for users to place advertisements onto their blogs.

WordPress.com users have unfortunately never been able to monetize their website (well, most users). In fact, WordPress.com sometimes places text ads on users blogs and users have to pay around $30 per year to remove the text ads. VIP users are allowed full control of their advertising and blog owners with over 25,000 page views per month are allowed to turn on AdSense and Skimlinks on their websites and split the revenue 50/50.

Things seem to be looking up for WordPress.com users though as WordPress developers Automattic have teamed up with the ad network Federated Media (who recently acquired Lijit). The announcement was made recently at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco.

It isn’t clear yet what type of advertising WordPress users will be allowed to use (text, banner, in-link etc) or what type of revenue split WordPress.com users will be offered. With millions of WordPress.com users online today, this represents a big coup for Federated Media and I’m sure many WordPress.com users will be pleased with this news.