WordPress.com Adds “Snap” Theme

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With the aim of giving webmasters the power to share and manage their work online, WordPress.com announced Thursday, May 16th, that it has added the Snap WordPress theme from The Theme Foundry for use by its subscribers. Snap, which comes with a premium price of $68, is custom made to serve as a lightweight theme that allows website owners to focus on their own creativity while also boasting a fully responsive design.

According to the official product page launched Thursday, “Snap’s Homepage template highlights your work, and gives your readers a brief overview of you or your business. You can show a featured slider or a static image along with a grid of your recent posts or projects.” With Snap, you can create multiple portfolio pages to show off your recent projects. The default design for the Portfolio custom page template is to lay out entries in a single column with a large thumbnail image, title, text excerpt, category, publication date, and call to action link that encourages readers to click through to see more information on a particular project.

Snap Portfolio

Thanks to the convenient drag and drop interface within the Snap theme Control Panel, even beginning webmasters can organize the firm’s projects and arrange them by priority in order to let potential clients get a glimpse at the most eye-catching assignments; complete with descriptions, screenshots and details.

Responsive Layout

As with a growing number of premium WordPress themes that have been released over the past two years, Snap comes with a 100% responsive design that will automatically adjust the size and format of your site’s content to fit each and every screen size – ranging from mobile device to HD desktop monitor.

Snap Responsive Design

Regardless of whether your website is being viewed from an iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Samsung Galaxy or other similar device, the Snap theme will take care of the adjusting work for you in order to ensure that front-end users are not forced to thumb scroll and pinch their way horizontally through pages. This is an important convenience in today’s WordPress environment and has been voted by our readers here at WPHub.com as the most important innovation in premium themes since 2010.

Homepage Slider

If you choose to display your main projects on the homepage, you can elect to place them within the featured content slider which features a very large view port. Entries can be configured to rotate automatically.

Snap Content Slider

Below the slider, website owners can insert their own introductory heading and text that gives readers a general description of the business’ aims and/or freelance projects. The secondary feed is laid out in dual columns with a square shaped screenshot for each post along with a title, publication date, text excerpt and Read More link.

The Snap theme allows webmasters to publish an independent blog feed that is ideal for highlighting industry news or showcasing articles derived from your company’s best writers. The default format is two columns and differs slightly from the other template layouts in that the text excerpt can be lengthened in cases where a featured image is not used.

Snap Theme Details

The Snap premium WordPress theme is also fully widgetized via its sidebar that is perfect for inserting information about your company along with ad banners for sponsors, meta info, search functions, social media feed links, archives, categories and much more.

By choosing from the different default styles available, there are very few limitations placed on your potential design options even for those who are not prepared to work with code. If you would like to get an up-close look at the latest offering from WordPress.com, visit the Snap Theme Live Demo.