WordPress.com Adds Responsive Design

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Automattic corporate darling WordPress.com has added a fully responsive design to its website as it begins making improvements for 2013. In a January 17th blog post, Automattic representative Andy Peatling laid out the site’s new feature and elaborated on what the company’s main goals will be this year when it comes to upgrades.

WordPress Responsive Design

“Last week we started to roll out some visual changes to WordPress.com and the WordPress.com Reader,” Peatling wrote. “We’ve been working hard on improvements in two key areas; we’re making WordPress.com an amazing responsive experience on your mobile device, and making sure we’re doing the best job highlighting all of the beautiful photos and videos you’re posting.”

Access WordPress.com From Any Device

Granted you have a reliable Internet connection, you can access the WordPress for-profit website from practically anywhere on the planet; including remote vacation areas or other regions that were previously thought of as off-the-grid locals.

Andy Peatling of Automattic

Peatling (pictured) added in his most recent entry that “with more than one billion smartphones in service around the world, we want WordPress.com working and looking great on every single one of them. If you log in to WordPress.com, you’ll notice a new responsive design that works and fits wonderfully on your smartphone, tablet, or computer, regardless of the brand of your device or its screen size.

Checking your stats, writing new posts, reading the latest on Freshly Pressed, or checking in on notifications through your web browser are all now a more comfortable experiences on the go.”

The software update comes as no surprise to many WordPress observers who have seen the open marketplace revolutionized over the past two years with a slew of high quality, cost effective responsive themes. More and more website owners are becoming aware of how important it is to cater specifically to users who are making use of devices such as iPads, iPhones, Androids, etc. Having a responsive design gives any website a leg up on its competition since front-end users have grown weary of continuous “pinching” and “thumb-scrolling” in order to zoom in and out of non-responsive websites.

Updates To WordPress.com Reader

Enhancing media has become a main priority for Automattic over the next 12 months, and more emphasis has been placed on getting the most out of photographic content.

“Some of the biggest updates have been around the WordPress.com Reader. You’ve all been posting some great photos on WordPress.com, and we wanted to do a better job making sure your followers can see them at the highest quality. If you use a featured image on your post, or you upload an image to your post that’s at least 595px wide or more, we’ll feature that image in full width above your post in the Reader.

Strong images really make your posts snap and stand out. We’ve loved seeing all of your featured images during testing, and we hope you’ll love it too. If you have smaller images in your posts, don’t worry, we’ll still show them embedded inside of your post in the Reader so your followers will never miss out.”

Peatling went on to add that video and gallery embeds will also be featured within the Reader when possible. Visitors will also be able to decipher how many images are in the gallery and be able to locate them thanks to the new updates.

Community Feedback

Nearly two dozen comments had already been entered approximately one day after Peatling’s post was published. One replier requested that the Dashboard receive a similar upgrade, while another user requested that the black header at the top of the leader page be restored; stating that WordPress is more difficult to use without it.

One individual who uses WordPress asked if it would be possible to create a specific iPhone/iPad application solely for WordPress.com Reader. We will continue to keep you informed on current changes being made to the WordPress.com website and its products.