WordPress.com Adds Media Manager Feature

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We’re less than a week away from Wednesday’s highly anticipated formal release of WordPress 3.5, which is expected to make a vast number of improvements over its predecessor once the final beta testing and release-candidate prodding have concluded.

As we anxiously await, there is a new feature now available for WordPress.com users called Media Manager. Writer and Editor Krista Stevens reported in her latest blog post dated November 29th that “uploading and editing media just got a whole lot better on WordPress.com. Check out our new Media Manager, designed to make it easier to upload images, audio, and video files to your site and edit their attributes on the fly. Let’s walk through how to add images to a new post on WordPress.com.”

Media Manager Convenience

Add Media Button

Being able to quickly upload and edit media from the back-end of your WordPress site can result in a significant amount of saved time. In order to use the new tool, you will need to click the “Add Media” button that appears when creating a new post.

The Media Manager allows you to collect images to add to your post-in-progress,” says Stevens. “You can select a file you may have already uploaded to your Media Library, designate a URL from which to embed an image, drag and drop files into the browser window, or select files to upload from your computer.”

Insert Media

Editing the attributes of images that have been uploaded is an extremely simple process with Media Manager. By selecting one of the files you’ve uploaded, the title, caption, display settings and alternate text can all be edited while still creating the post. Once you’ve made the proper adjustments to a particular image, all that’s left to do is click the “Insert into post” button on the bottom right of the Media Manager and you’re done.

Gallery Creation

Creating an Image Gallery is easy to do with the new Media Manager. Simply select the files you wish to include, then click the “Create a new gallery” button at the bottom-right and you’re on your way. A new screen will appear that will allow you to add descriptions and re-order the images within your new gallery. Upon publication, the gallery will appear within your post; thus reducing a couple of steps that some WordPress.com users have had to go through in the past.

Stevens ends the blog post by adding that “our self-hosted friends running WordPress.org, Media Manager improvements will be available in WordPress 3.5, which rolls out on December 5th, 2012.”

WordPress.com User Feedback

The Media Manager notification post is approximately 12 hours old at the time this news article is being published, but WordPress.com users have been quick to provide feedback. One webmaster who goes by the name of “Jennifer” commented, “A fantastic update to the way media is handled and a vast improvement in using the Gallery feature! The old way of having to hand-edit the Gallery shortcode to use includes and excludes is dead. Long live the Gallery! :) (Needless-to-say, updates to my site’s Gallery FAQ and “Gallery-A Demo Blog” are in the works.)”

“SaraBates” added that she is “TOTALLY loving this update. I was mid-post last night during the switch to the new media manager. I use a ton of photos on my blog, and will probably use even more now that it is so easy to upload them! This has made my blogging life so much better. Thank you, WP!!”

“This looks like it will make uploading media a bazillion times smoother,” wrote NixNivis in the Comments area.

With WordPress 3.5 officially arriving on December 5th, we’re only six days from the release of the newest WordPress version.