WordPress On Blackberry 10

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The Blackberry 10 is due out in less than 20 days (January 30th to be precise), and there has been a significant amount of news coverage on how the new model will surpass previous phones and compete with the iPhone 5 and Android. In a recent video published by CrackBerry.com that was filmed at the New Media Expo, we got our first glimpse of how WordPress will function on the new smart phone designed by Blackberry parent company Research In Motion.

BlackBerry 10 WordPress

The User Interface (UI) comes off as smooth in the featured video with very little wasted motion in the touch screen process when using the WordPress app. Posting on the fly has become vitally important for WordPress site owners who are on the move, and the Blackberry 10 appears to be able to make use of all the functionality with ease. The application will be available on the product’s launch date.

Tyler Lee of UberGizmo.com posted on January 10th, “Heads up bloggers, we know that there are times when you have a cool idea you want to share on your blog but don’t have a computer with you, and sometimes it’s because of these situations that leads to us losing what could have been a great story. Thanks to smartphones and tablets, blogging on the go is possible and if you were planning on picking up a Blackberry 10 device, you might be interested to learn that a preview of the WordPress app for Blackberry 10 has been released on video (thanks to Simon at Crackberry), giving us a glimpse at what we might be able to expect.”

Lee goes on to state that the “BlackBerry 10 is a version of RIM’s operating system (OS) for its smartphones. Also called BB10, the OS is completely new, and RIM (Research in Motion) claims that there is not a single line of code from previous BlackBerry OS in this version, which is based on code from QNX, an operating system that is mainly used for embedded systems like cars etc… The launch date for BlackBerry 10 is January 30 2013 and the first smartphones should arrive in the first quarter of 2013 as well. BB10 comes with a host of new features and a speedy user interface.”

WordPress For Windows Phone

Version 1.9 of WordPress for Windows Phone allows for full page editing and includes a number of improvements. According to an article posted on WMPowerUser.com, “besides the usual bugfixes, which total more than 20 in this build, the software now also brings some new features. New in this version is a full-screen editing mode, which allows one to see more of the article while editing.

The software now also allows one to specify an image as a Featured image, a very useful feature for some themes, and allows better manipulation of the position of images.”

WordPress Influence

WordPress has become an integral part of smartphones, tablet computers and desktops thanks to its far reach into the Internet realm. Many statistics show that WordPress now powers nearly one-fifth of all websites worldwide, with that number expected to continue growing in 2013.

The fact that product reviewers are anxious to see how the WordPress app works on devices that are still nearly three weeks away from launch (as is the case with the Blackberry 10) shows how important it is to give customers a method for utilizing WordPress on a daily basis from the very first time they unpack a new product.

Website administrators can run their WordPress site from virtually anywhere in the world on a wide range of devices. Functionality and front-end editing could be further improved this year, meaning that WordPress will provide more convenience than ever to those who use it.