WordPress Announce The Theme Team

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A couple of hours ago Ian Stewart announced an official theme team for WordPress.com and WordPress.org. It’s unclear how the team is going to work though Ian promises that there will be ‘more themes, more often’.

Ian explains that:

  • Every WordPress.com user should feel like there’s a theme that fits them perfectly, that is exactly how they want to present themselves to the world, that they’re excited to show to their friends.
  • We want everyone to feel a sense of momentum and ever-increasing possibilities, and to do so we will present as many perfect-fit WordPress themes to as many WordPress.com users as we can.
  • We will ensure all of our public work represents the best in coding practices, web standards, and technical excellence.
    We will craft all of our themes to have a consistent user experience and meet our users expectations and hopes.
  • We will teach WordPress developers to become the best theme developers in the world. If you’re a WordPress theme developer—commercial or 100% free—we want to help you be the best. We will ensure all our improvements make it back to the open source community.

I’m curious as to how the theme team will work. Specifically, how a high standard of coding practices will be maintained. I suspect that any themes which are released through any of the WordPress sites will now have to adhere to even stricter standards. Although this may frustrate some designers, I think that this will benefit the WordPress community in the long term.

Can’t wait to see how they set this up :)

Link : The Theme Team