WordPress.com Adds Hero Theme To Catalog

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Late last week, WordPress.com added the Hero WordPress theme to its ever-expanding catalog. In a recent blog post, Automattic Web Developer Michael Cain wrote that “Hero is a dark and minimal theme that features the content you care about most with a Front Page template that’s packed with the promotional power of our Featured Post Slider, a custom tagline, and three featured post callouts. Hero also comes packed with sidebar and footer widget areas galore, and a full width page template for those times that you just want to eliminate some of the distractions.”

The new offer is designed by antthemes and can be accessed directly via the Appearance > Themes tab on your blog’s Control Panel.

Hero Theme Feature List

The Front Page Template is the heart of your new theme, and it can be accessed from the back-end. All you need to do when creating a new page is assign it under the “Page Attributes” option (right-hand menu) and then designate the page to be your Static Front Page.

Hero Homepage

Making use of the Featured Content Slider can add a considerable amount of depth to your blog site, as the module presents readers with a wide view port, “Prev” and “Next” manual scrolling buttons on either side, and additional information such as a title, description and Read More button.

The optional Tagline Area can be used for promotional text or simply to highlight a specific page within your site’s content management system. This region can also be used to give readers an easy way to go directly to a Contact Page.

Hero Tagline

You also have an option to implement Promotional Callouts. These are useful for showcasing an extended amount of content and laying it out in a manner that will encourage your blog’s readers to click through. Go into the Customizer and select “Home Promos” and then select a tag from the drop down menu that appears. This tool is laid out in a three column format.

Hero Home Callouts

Users Chime In

WordPress.com user timethief replied, “Hero is a very attractive theme with many features I’m looking for so I’m off to torture test it in my test blog. ;) I’m still looking for a responsive width theme that suits me. I’m not into dark themes but this one has a custom background so I haven’t ruled it out.”

Recis Dempayos added that the new template is a great concept for a theme that showcases select content. Wish it came with a white background though; white text on a black background is straining to the eyes.”

Hero Blog Excerpt

User larivistaculturale commented that “the cool thing is the promotional callout areas: it allows to group content and direct attention, which is useful when there are many posts. Could we do something about the background though? have a white option and it becomes a great magazine theme too.”

Widget Ready Template

If you’re into using a variety of widgets within your sidebar and footer regions, then Hero won’t disappoint. There are plenty of widgetized regions with this theme due to its standardized sidebar and four footer widget spots.

Hero Sidebar

Overall this theme is “dark,” which means that a decision must be made on the webmaster’s end regarding whether the palette fits in correctly with the image being promoted. Of course, there are always methods for changing the color shade if you’re a programmer, but that would require going into the Editor and manipulating code.

You can find out more by visiting the official Hero Demo page or by bringing the new theme up within your Control Panel and trying it out on a test site before deciding whether it will become the next working theme for your WordPress blog website.