WordPress 3.6 “Oscar” Is Finally Here

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For our loyal readers who have continuously browsed our news article updates on the eventual arrival of WordPress 3.6, the wait is finally over. At the beginning of this month, WordPress 3.6 “Oscar” was finally released to the public after months of work by the development team.

WordPress Oscar Screenshot

On August 1st, WordPress.com founder Matt Mullenweg announced, “The latest and greatest WordPress, version 3.6, is now live to the world and includes a beautiful new blog-centric theme, bullet-proof autosave and post locking, a revamped revision browser, native support for audio and video embeds, and improved integrations with Spotify, Rdio, and SoundCloud.” The news has been welcome by many bloggers and WordPress users worldwide who have anxiously awaiting the commercial release of a platform that would revamp the way bloggers and authors save their content and store it in an effort to avoid duplicate work.

Twenty Thirteen Theme

The Twenty Thirteen WordPress theme is aimed at giving bloggers a much more user friendly yet attractive means by which to post their content on a routine basis. The theme is colorful by default and includes a number of customization options that make it possible to designate how articles and other entries will appear on any given webpage. As always, the WordPress Dashboard has remained pretty much intact and should not pose any major issues for those who have worked with WordPress in the past. The main menu bar is still located on the left-hand side with easy to understand options for creating specific post types, custom page templates, entering media, etc.

New Auto-Save Feature

The enhanced auto-save feature is something that many WordPress users (including myself) have been looking forward to for quite some time. In cases where an Internet connection is temporarily lost or when a site crashes, authors are often forced to repeat entries that were not automatically saved from the point in which they were manually safeguarded. With the new auto-save function that has been revamped, content will automatically store much more frequently; plus there is the ability to browse previous revision versions. This can save a huge amount of time and also give contributors a way to compare different versions to identify exactly where a particular correction or edit was made. This feature can also prove very helpful for website administrators who are seeking to identify writing styles or faulty HTML code.

Post Locking is another new feature in the 3.6 version that has a lot of admins rejoicing, as it grants the ability to take over editing of a specific posts in cases where an immediate correction needs to be made or an author has simply abandoned the project for a long period of time.

Built-In HTML5 Media Player

Posting multimedia content will also be much more fluid with the latest release of WordPress thanks to the HTML5 Media Player, which allows webmasters to enter native audio and video embeds without having to rely on a third party service such as Vimeo or YouTube for this purpose. Eliminating the extra step while also enabling websites to generate their home-grown multimedia entries is especially important for instructional videos, promotional efforts and other circumstances in which it is much more appropriate to simply upload content rather than embed it from another website.

What’s Next For WordPress?

Many of our readers are certainly asking about the next steps that will be taken in order to propel WordPress into the 2014 calendar year. We can almost be assured that the next release will place some amount of focus on the growing mobile device usage trends that have been witnessed since the turn of the decade, as well as additional features to make using WordPress a more streamlined process.

If you would like to make WordPress 3.6 the working version on your site, simply click on the following link to Download WordPress 3.6 “Oscar”.

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  • Comment by Jonathan Dingman
    Jonathan Dingman

    There were definitely some great features with the WordPress 3.6 release, but overall, it wasn’t anything that I *had* to upgrade for.

    I’m really looking forward to WordPress 3.7 and 3.8, Matt spoke of some great features that will be coming with those releases.

    PS, the font size is really small when leaving a comment, you may want to bump up the font size.