WordPress 3.6 Official Release Approaches

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If you’re an avid blogger who uses a WordPress website, or a developer who’s been testing out themes against the first WordPress 3.6 release candidate, then you are likely anticipating the much awaiting commercial release of WordPress 3.6. Although the final version has experienced a slew of delays and setbacks (including the separation of the Post Formats UI as an independent plugin), it appears that the launch is finally on the fast track and could happen in August if all goes as planned.

In an update post that was published earlier this month, WordPress 3.6 Lead Developer Mark Jaquith stated, “We hope to ship WordPress 3.6 in a couple weeks. But to do that, we really need your help! If you haven’t tested 3.6 yet, there’s no time like the present. But please: not on a live production site, unless you’re feeling especially adventurous.”

Another update by Jaquith on the Make WordPress Core page added, “Hey! Remember that WordPress 3.6 release we were working on? Yeah… we’re still at it. But there’s hope! Post Formats UI has been extracted, and Revisions has gotten an intense refactoring that makes it scale up to hundreds of revisions without killing your server or your browser. A backlog of many hundreds of tickets has been whittled down. As of this writing, we’re below 40 tickets for 3.6, and they’re actively being committed and punted as appropriate.”

WordPress 3.6 – What To Expect

One of the main features of WordPress 3.6 will be a much enhanced auto save capability that will be a sure-fire winner with many WordPress website administrators and authors. The reason for this is that content can be easily lost in the case of power failure or hardware malfunction while editing, but the new WordPress release (when it gets here) will automatically save content in a much more efficient manner than before.

Better handling of audio and video embeds will also be one of WordPress 3.6’s strong points. A recent post at WPZoom went into detail about how this will make embedding a more enjoyable and efficient task. “Originally designed to tie-in with the improved Post Formats, 3.6 introduces much improved handling of audio and video embeds. The headline feature here is native embeding of audio and video; you’ll be able to just upload an audio or video file using the media uploader and WordPress will automagically turn those files into something your visitors will be able to play back, plugin free.”

WordPress 3.6 will also come with the Twenty Thirteen default theme that is sure to be used by a slew of bloggers worldwide who have become accustomed to the WordPress stand by template. Other features include post locking comparison of post revisions that is more intuitive.

Launch Date Specifics

We’d be amiss if we gave a specific date on when WordPress 3.6 (the final version) will be here, but we’ve heard rumors that August is the month. With a release candidate already available to the public, developers and webmasters are sending in bug reports in order to get issues addressed as quickly as possible before using the final version on an actual live production site.

There will very likely be a second release candidate available soon along with more issues to be resolved, but now that the Custom Post Types functionality has been completely removed, there is less to work on in the long run in order to get WordPress 3.6 out and functioning properly in a real-time environment.

The upcoming launch will also be a hot topic at WordCamp San Francisco (the flagship WordCamp event location) that is scheduled to take place this weekend. WordPress.com founder Matt Mullenweg was the lead speaker at the very first WordCamp back in 2006 and we are likely to see a handful of design and developer celebs at the event.

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  • Comment by utomo

    I hope post UI format will be included on 3.6.1
    I wish WordPress store the images on images folder instead on separate folder(month number)
    and also wordpress need to design more for website, not only for blogging

  • Comment by Dave Clements
    Dave Clements

    In response to poor user testing, the Post Formats UI update that was going to be included in 3.6 was removed from core and a separate plugin will be created instead.

  • Comment by Jim Isles
    Jim Isles

    Looking forward to it just hope it doesn’t cause any issues with any current websites, plugins and themes.

    Shame about the post types section being removed this is something I have needed a number of times and used the Types plugin instead.

    Dave, what is the plugin you are referring to?

  • Comment by David Huber
    David Huber

    Thanks for pointing that out. I’ve edited the article to reflect this.

  • Comment by Dave Clements
    Dave Clements

    Note: it was the Post Formats UI that was removed from core and put in to a plugin.

    Can’t wait for the official release now. Been a long time coming!